Step 6: Notes

Picture of Notes
This section contains stuff I noticed and didn't put elsewhere and stuff about future things to try.

Colored Hot Glue? For sure.  Look at the picture below.
Harder Hot Glue?  For Sure.  Look at the picture below.
-> Both found at Micheal's craft store.  I have not tried these yet.

Need to find that "How To Make Your Own Hot Glue Sticks" I saw on Make's blog a while back.

How to tune corners?

How to print a whistle so it is NOT filled in?

The Maker Bot Coin is an excellent short print.  It prints very quickly.

You do not need to download Slic3r in addition to Pronterface.  Pronterface (PrintRun) includes Slic3r.

Securing the glue gun internals onto the board is very very important   The force of the hot glue stick will try to make it move instead of melt.

Need to try High Temperature Mini Hot Glue Gun.

Need to include a Cooling Fan.  This may improve the prints.

How to tune overhang?

Need to calibrate the extruder retracting in Slic3r.   The default settings work OK but probably could work better.