Hot Glue Hack


Introduction: Hot Glue Hack

Step 1: Oven

Put the hardened hot glue in a cup(metal works best to transfer heat equally) and I set the oven to toast at medium

Step 2: Next Step

Take the glue out once it looks like most has melted away and take out (in my case I had to take it out before the LEDs exploded)

Step 3: Finished Product

It's a great success!!!! I am unsure if this will work on more advanced circuits but what I do know is that the circuit didn't get destroyed, it still works and WHEN TAKING IT OUT WEAR GLOVES FOR SAFTY!!
I am not held responsible for any injures that might occur.



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    Yes if you keep it in the oven a shorter amount of time yes it will coat it in hot glue

    So is this a way to coat the wires in a thin coat of glue, or does all the glue come off the wires?