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Introduction: Hot Glue Matches

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In the Instructable Pocket-Size Portable Hot Glue, I demonstrated a way to make hot glue portable.

I have used that portable glue a few times now and I find it very handy.

Just the other day I visited my girlfriends parents and was asked to glue a painting that had fallen out of the frame.

I had a glue stick attached to the keys, so it only took me a few seconds to do the job.

In this Instructable we look at another way to make a portable hot glue.

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Step 1:

Heat up the glue stick and apply some glue on the matches.

I used a piece of foam to hold the matches while the glue cooled down.

Step 2:

I added a label to the matchbox to know what's inside

If I'm ever on the road and I need to glue something fast, all I need to do is strike a match.

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very clever idea....additionally they could be carried in a survival kit and double as fire starters...wind resistant matches...especially if you embedded additional sulphur heads into the hot glue...

Great idea! TYSM for sharing!

Thumbs UP man. You are completely amazing!!!

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why didn't I think of that
cause it's so simple and
easy, I think it will surely
shake the future

Very clever!

Without a doubt, the most ingenious, and at the same time simple, hack I've seen!

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Repaired my car remote with this and was amazed to see the results. Thanks.

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The best step in this instructable is that you DON'T need a glue gun...! Brilliant

Simplicity deserves rewards...

That is nothing short of GENIUS!!!

This would be an incredible addition to a survival kit and it wouldn't take up any more space than a normal box of matches. Now your matches will do twice as much! Excellent work! This is the type of thinking that drives instructables.

This is really fantastic. Provides heat and serves as the applicator at the same time. Really nice.

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