Introduction: Hot Glue USB Flash Drive

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Take a Standard USB Flashdrive, and cover it in hot glue for a unique clear case.

Step 1: Aquire a USB Flashdrive

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You need to buy a flashdrive that is not retractable. These kind have move-able parts, and just make it harder. Any kind of any capacity will work. The final size is usually very close to the original.

Step 2: Remove the Casing

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Remove the case by cracking it open, if necessary, breaking it. If there is visibly a crevice around the drive where it snaps shut, take a blade and put it in. Twist the blade and the case should open. If this does not work, or there is no crevice, insert a knife into the area surrounding the USB plug. However, there is a chance if it goes in to far, it could damage the drive. Try to put it in as little as possible. If there are any stickers on the circuit board, carefully remove them.

There are different colored circuit boards depending on the manufacturer. The most common colors of the circuit board are Red, Green, and Blue.

Step 3: Cover USB Drive in Hot Glue

Picture of Cover USB Drive in Hot Glue

Lay down Parchment Paper on your work surface. DO NOT use anything else. (This includes Aluminum Foil and Wax Paper.) Choose which side of the Circuit board looks better, and start with this side. Cover the drive with hot glue completely, but make sure you don't go to far over the USB connector. Feather the edges or make it completely square. Wait for it to dry. AT LEAST 10 minutes.

After the glue is dry, pick up the drive and turn it over. Take the hot glue and cover that side. Try to get it as close to the edges of the other layer as possible. If necessary, you can shave the edges with a razor blade to match them up. If you shave too much, the edges will look dull and flat. You can run the edges of the drive over the tip of the glue gun to melt them and make them shiny again. Note that this will add a slight lip to the edges.

Step 4: Plug It in and Load It Up

Picture of Plug It in and Load It Up

A nice benefit of the Hot Glue case is the entire thing lights up when plugged in. Load the drive with your documents and favorite portable Apps.


Gorilla22 (author)2016-09-15

Why not aluminium foil or wax paper?

deus ex (author)2015-09-02

what glue did you use?

acabrera7 (author)2012-05-16

What about Baking paper?

whosdadog (author)acabrera72012-05-16

No idea. Try it and find out.

acabrera7 (author)whosdadog2012-05-17

ok i'll try. I was just wondering whether parchmet paper is the same as baking paper...

If parchment paper is Oven proof, such as for cooking, then baking paper will work too. as the baking has the same effect.

acabrera7 (author)2012-05-16

THIS IS PERFECT!!!!! EXACTLY what i need from those crappy cases, which they don't exactly protect them, because the hub is more exposed make it easier to bend...


KwartzKitten (author)2011-07-12

Thanks for the instructable! This was just what I needed to jazz up an old flash drive. I even took some wire and put a loop in the end of the glue so that I can attach it to a keychain or something so I won't loose it! Because that's a problem with me...

BRUL (author)2010-11-14

Why not using Aluminum Foil or Wax Paper?

son of s8an (author)BRUL2011-02-26

Because the glue will stick to it

KwartzKitten (author)son of s8an2011-07-12

You may need several layers for a cheap craft glue, though. Know this from experience.

dexdude97 (author)BRUL2011-05-31

Hey! If you wanted, you could paint it what ever color you want!

dexdude97 (author)2011-05-31

You could also just use scissors to shape it the way you want.

BRUL (author)2010-11-14

I have exactly the same usb flash drive :)
I'm not sure I'll give it a try, it's kind of undoable XD

billneu (author)2009-06-23

i textured mine with the parchment paper

imkwl12345 (author)billneu2010-10-25

ah yes i see...... no look i really dont.

zakamooza (author)2010-07-22


fireruler12 (author)2010-07-09

how would you make a cap for it?

whosdadog (author)fireruler122010-07-10

Why do you need a cap? If you must have one, I think shapelock (low melting temp plastic) would work great. I never cap my drives. They just don't seem to need it. Anytime they get dirty, i just blow on them, or compressed air if they really need it.

jessejwk (author)2010-07-01

Is there any chance of this shorting anything out?

whosdadog (author)jessejwk2010-07-01

Last I checked hot glue isn't/hasn't/wont be electrically conductive for any reason.

jessejwk (author)whosdadog2010-07-01

Haha I know, I was worried that it might melt something important.

whosdadog (author)jessejwk2010-07-01

Well most solder melts at over 800 degrees I believe, and solder that was applied at the factory usually has an even higher melting point than the stuff you can buy at a store. I think hot glue is somewhere around 300 or 400 degrees.

jessejwk (author)whosdadog2010-07-02

Cool. Thanks.

stephenniall (author)2009-01-05

Good instructable one problem i have spottted is on some flash drives the LED (Light Emitting Diode) Gets very hot and melts the glue

Padlock (author)stephenniall2009-01-06

LEDs don't get that hot (Infact they barely get warm.)... Unless there like the super bright 1W+ ones...

junits15 (author)Padlock2010-06-30

they can get very hot if they are overpowered

knektek (author)stephenniall2009-12-28

thats probably because the led is shorted out

stephenniall (author)knektek2009-12-28

its a posibility but i doubt it I used the led from a old torch i had So it was a ultra or super bright and got a bit warm .!

I scrapped the hot glue idea and i use epoxy now its alot stronger its water proof etc

santy22 (author)stephenniall2010-06-18

Yeah... probably was a 3 volt torch aganist the 5 volts the usb gives it, needs a resistor.

whosdadog (author)stephenniall2009-01-05

That is strange. I suppose they don't really have heat sinks, so it could be a possibility.

BraisedDuck (author)2010-05-22

the hot glue will affect the circuit board. and even if it doesn't, the heat given off by the circuit board will cause d glue 2 melt. other then that, cool

whosdadog (author)BraisedDuck2010-05-23

First, the hot glue is not hot enough to do anything to the circuit board. Second, the heat given off by the components is negligible, and will have no effect on the glue. I have been using one of my drives that is covered in glue for over two years, and it shows no signs of slowing.

blizatrex (author)2009-12-28

this is great i have an old ugly flash drive sitting that this will give it a better look;)

Trainguyxx (author)2009-08-31

wow that amazng! i didnt even know you can do that! i thought it would metl or something similar to that

nosebleedXD (author)2009-08-29

how come your glue is so clear

whosdadog (author)nosebleedXD2009-08-29

Because it is standard Clear Hot Glue.

boyrock375 (author)2009-02-01

once my hot glue molding instructable gets posted check it out with this one then you can make usb drives with custom made shapes

Padlock (author)2009-01-06

I would be careful before doing this to your new 16 gb drive, as heat can sometimes damage IC's. As well as static electricity.

lowercase (author)2009-01-06

LOL Funny! a very minimalistic tribute to our best friend: The Hot Glue!

Doctor What (author)2009-01-05

This is amazing! I wonder, could I add color somehow? Green goo usb flash drive?

whosdadog (author)Doctor What2009-01-05

Possibly. I have tried food coloring, but it does not mix with the glue. It acts like water and oil. I suppose a type of paint might work, but it would be hard to melt the glue, then color it, and then cover the flashdrive. Maybe you could melt the glue in a pot and then dip the flashdrive in it multiple times.

explosivemaker (author)whosdadog2009-01-06

....I forgot which instructable it was in, but in the project they used colored glue sticks......I thought that was pretty neat as I haven't seen them anywhere......they must add the color when they are melting the stuff down and cooking it.....

mspark400 (author)2009-01-05

If any one wanted a particular shape instead of the cool ooz shape you could make a simple mold or use the parchment paper to shape your creation. as for coloring, try staining the glue after it is applied by soaking it in a dye for a long period of time. Nice look and great ible Cheers, mspark400

qwerty29 (author)2009-01-05

that would be awesone!

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