Hot Plate





Introduction: Hot Plate

This is a very easy and cool project to do with a dead CPU.

A CPU is a very beautiful piece of a computer that you won’t through away even if it was dead. Among many other things, simply, you can drill a hole in it and use it as your key chain.

This project will show you how to make a hot plate for your Mug from a dead CPU.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

1. A dead CPU.

(Ofcourse you can use a working one but it won’t be feasible.)

2. A USB cable

3. A Fan grill with screws.

4. Any box (I used a wooden tie box cover)

5. A rotary Tool (the best tool ever invented)

6. Epoxy

7. A creative artistic mind.


Step 2: The Idea

A CPU will still have some working electronic circuits even if it stopped functioning probably. And this project will use the heat generated by running some Volts in the CPU through a USB cable.

 First things first.

Be Very Careful.

Connecting a malfunctioning CPU to your computer may and will damage your computer’s ports or even worse. If you don’t have enough knowledge and experience in electronics... don’t do it.



Step 3: The Steps

First, prepare the base.

You have to find a thin box or a box cover to use as the base of the plate. I used a tie box cover made of wood because it has the same thickness as my laptop.

Now put the CPU over the base you picked and mark a square to drill with your rotary device. The square must be a little bit bigger than the CPU. The reason behind the bigger hole is to make sure the hot CPU won’t touch the wooden surface of the base. It’s not going to put it into flames, but it will produce a nasty burning smell.

Then, using the fan grill as your ruler, drill four holes in the body of the base and Screw the grill down to it.

Make another hole on one side of the base. That’s where the USB wire is going through.


Step 4: Preparing the Hot Plate

locate the ground pins in your CPU and that can be done by reviewing the CPU data sheet or simply by the devastating trial and error.

Cut the USB wire and pass it through the hole you made previously in the base.

Strip the USB cable and locate the black and red weirs (black wire = ground, Red wire = +5V). You can cut out the white and green data weirs for more space.

Now connect the black wire to the ground pins and the red wire to voltage pins.

The best way to attach the weirs to the pins of the CPU is to cut the wires without striping them and then slide the pins inside.

Finally, you have to attach the CPU to the grill by Epoxy


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please tell me the pins to connect on my intel p4 478 pins

This thing WORKS! cool! thanks for the Instructable.

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I think he means he hooked it to a different power supply. That would blow that processor pretty quick, i'd think.

i have run mine from 30V 2A for about 20 min and it worked fine!

For those wanting the datasheet: sometimes it is better to search the pin-out of the socket it came from (mine was a socket 7) since (i believe) all CPU's going in socket 7 will have the same pin-out.

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hi kohlait

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I just tried this myself and the cpu got up to 96F and was able to melt chocolate. However the cpu clearly states that it runs at 1.525V. I tried it again latter and it want working (I checked the connections). Do you think I fried the cpu?

I used a phone charger for this that runs at 500ma (also 5V).

Nice tut!

I found the datasheet for a CPU that I'm looking at on eBay. It states "For clean on-chip power distribution, the Celeron processor on 0.13 micron process has 85 VCC (power) and 181 VSS (ground) input", does that mean I can solder the power wire to any one of these 85 VCC pins, and the ground wire to any one of the 181 VSS pins? Or will mine have a specific one that needs wiring to? Or maybe I'm not undeerstanding the statement correctly?

Also, when done would I be able to plug this into something such as an iPhone charger, I believe they are 5v?