Well, this was an experiment…I was looking for a feasible way of keeping the neck and chin areas warm without having to resort to looking like The Winter Soldier. “So,” I thought, “what about a snood filled with heat packs?” And that’s what I did…

What I used:

Scrap overcoat fabric

Medium weight fleece blanket

Sewing machine

Hand sewing needles


Three buttons

Hand warmers/Heat wraps

Step 1: Angles...

The shape of my snood was determined, to an extent, by the size and shape of the scrap of fabric I was using; but the things you need to consider are length and depth. You will need it to be long enough to fit around the neck with room to ‘breathe’, and deep enough to fit the heat packs in comfortably.

I started with a basic rectangle of scrap fabric, then cut one end at an approximated 45 degree angle. I then lay this piece on top of the fleece blanket and cut around it to create the first lining piece. Next, I folded the slanted edge of the lining piece to create the (basic rectangle) pattern for the next two lining pieces. As before, I lay the cut piece on top of the fabric, and cut around it. The reason why the rectangles have to be shorter will become clearer as the project goes along…

<p>I'm going to try this for my Mom, she's always cold too, but I think I may add a &quot;skirt&quot; around 3/4 of the bottom so it'll keep her shoulders warm. BTW your Sister has an amazing smile. Great project!</p>
<p>What a great idea!! I just wanted to say, your screen name caught my eye and I laughed for about 5 minutes over Ponchos for Chickens...hahah! :)</p>
<p>I&rsquo;m glad you like the project, but I&rsquo;m even more glad that my username made you laugh! It&rsquo;s all thanks to the wonderful mind of April Winchell: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Regretsy-Where-DIY-Meets-WTF/dp/0345523180 The &lsquo;chicken poncho&rsquo; entry made me laugh until I cried :-D</p>
<p>I made one!... sorta. I put 3 pockets by folding velvet over. The pockets hold disposable warmers. It is for my sister, who is always cold! Thanks for the idea and inspiration! ~Cynthia</p>
<p>That looks awesome! </p>
<p>I like the toggles you chose for buttons. The project is well done, hope to see more :)</p>
<p>I really like your 'ible; the way you wrote it and the project you made. I have favorited it as I'm thinking this is a great project for a gift. Under 3 hours to make would you say...?</p>
<p>I think it could be done in under three hours, particularly if the whole thing is made on the machine. I, personally, am a really slow hand sewer - and I remember that it took me about 45 mins to sew one of the long sides together (I was watching TV at the time, which probably didn&rsquo;t help&hellip;) So, I think it depends on the process, and the number of external distractions (!) Hope that helps! Really glad you liked it, though - I was a bit concerned that my instructions were a bit muddled :-)</p>
<p>This is excellent a looks super toasty!</p><p>My only real question is, why would anyone NOT want to look like the Winter Soldier? C'mon, that dude was a badass. ;)</p>
<p>LOL! It&rsquo;s true, he was totally badass; but if I tried to rock that style I&rsquo;d just look like a crazy woman!</p>
<p>Makes senseXD</p>
<p>Very classy! I never thought of adding heat packs, but that's a great idea!</p>

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