Introduction: Hot to Crack a AIWA Digital-35 Padlock

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With this lock it's simple. With the grove already in the set pins it is just a case of finding what ones. You could do one at a time or have a go like this.

Step 1: The Lock

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This is the lock as you see it out of the packet without any alterations.

Step 2: How to Open

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To open all you need to do is
1. Set all pins downwards (plush with the face).
2. Push the black release pin in with quite a bit of pressure.
3. Now with your spare hand push each pin in one at a time and if the pin is part of the code you will feel a click.
4. After you feel the ones that click now all you have to do reset the lock so all are facing outwards towards yourself and click in the numbers that clicked on the previous stage.

It should now pop open.


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