The San Jose Museum of Art was having an 80's night,  and requested a Hot Tub facade for a photo booth.  We talked about what they wanted, and came up with a slightly curved surface made out of redwood slats. 

I used TechShopSan Jose to do the work.

Materials used:
scrap plywood (for frame rails)
2x4 (about 8')
13-14 redwood fence boards (these were about 7.5" wide)
fasteners (3" deck screws, small gauge brad nails)

Step 1: Simulate Design on Autodesk Inventor

I drew a quick preview using Autodesk Inventor, to get the idea of what it might look like, and also to estimate the amount of material required.  It looks better on the screen when you can rotate the image and see it from several angles.  
The Hot Tub Time Machine was a huge hit!

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