Picture of Hot Wax on Vinyl
We don't have very many candle holders in our apartment, but we do have plenty of tall candles. Go figure. As long as I'm playing around with making a fruit bowl or lampshade I might as well continue with throwing records into the oven and reshaping them.

This time around there are no cuts to make. All you need is a record, an oven, some corks, a knife, and an apple.

The apple is very important.

Step 1: Cut Some Cork

Picture of Cut Some Cork
Looking around my apartment for cylindrical forms that are the same width as a tapered candle, I found that corks are perfect.

When you find four good specimens, cut off a half-inch or so, this part is up to you. Cut one first to use as a guide for the size of the others. Corks can have angled or rounded ends and the cut helps to flatten out one side.
DavidK601 month ago

Some music LPs are worth a fortune to the right person so make sure that they are not worth any thing before doing any of these projects as you might find out when it's too late that you have destroyed a collectable album.

Shut Up Now6 years ago
i love the last step.
Peter3D7 years ago
Drill four holes in the record and fasten the corks with a screw so that they'll 'keep up' while the record softens. Remove the screws (and corks) as the record has herdened again.
kzaaaaa Peter3D7 years ago
except that the idea is to not drill holes in the record.
fair child8 years ago
Oh about Rachel Ray... She is sooooo annoying... and wayyyyyy over-rated!
hethlee8 years ago
this is too cool i LOVE the whole idea of melting records i've been wanting to do it for many years now... i think this has finally made me do it!
JakeTobak8 years ago
Did you get your Vinyl ideas from Rachel Ray?
fungus amungus (author)  JakeTobak8 years ago
You asked me that before. I've never heard of Rachel Ray before you mentioned her.
fungus amungus (author)  fungus amungus8 years ago
OK. Now I know why this all looks so familiar to you. The air date was less than two months ago.

This idea has been bounced around for years, by the way.
Rachel ray is a chunky chick with a scarily big mouth and a noisome voice and she's obsessed with EVOO, olive oil to the rest of us. BTW they've been selling record chip bowls in catalogs for years, but you've certainly taken this a step beyond.
Everyone loves her. I can't stand her.
Sorry about that, last time I asked I didn't see my post show up and I didn't care enough to repost it, and it didn't show up this time until I logged in again. I'm not sure why though.
spinach_dip8 years ago
Wax Trax
fungus amungus (author)  spinach_dip8 years ago
Yes. My Life with the Thrill Melt Kult.
Coolbreaze8 years ago
Polyvinyl chloride
zachninme8 years ago
Interesting... The next project will be a record player made from a few records :-P
Crash21088 years ago
Hmm, chlorine.