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I made this for my hubby, he collects Hot Wheels and they have gotten out of control. It doesn't take long and was fun to make.
Materials needed: A board plywood,OBS, hardboard. Caps and Dividers from Home Depot (Scu# Cap 070673863561-Divider 070673858864) I don't know what these are used for but I was roaming Home Depot and found these and I said "Self you can use these for something." Tape rule, couldn't find mine so I used my sewing and knitting gauge, markers,clamps, coping saw, Elmer's wood glue and tin snips i borrowed from my hubbies toolbox.  And a hot wheel car.

Measure your board. Cut  and dry fit the "cap/edge" around the edges of your board.. Glue and clamp down, let dry.
Measure the width of your Hot Wheel car and mark off lines where the Dividers will go. My was 31/4 " edge to edge/46/8 ridge to ridge.
Cut the divider pieces with the tin snips and use the coping saw to cut down the little separator so it will slide over the bottom edge.

Glue, clamp and let dry.  Decorate as you will.

Slide the Hot wheel cars into the slots and enjoy.



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    Those plastic vertical pieces would be found in the paneling area. They are used to join one sheet of paneling to another and the single opening would be for the end of the exposed panel...Great Idea and Thanks for sharing~

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    I would cut a piece of cardboard the same width of the Hot Wheels card and use the cardboared as a template for spacing the dividers evenly!

    I will be using pegboard...that way if I have a MULTI pack I can place a hook/peg and just hang up my multi pack!

    Michael, that's what I have done, it makes it so much easier. So far I've completed three more boards for him. Glad you liked it.

    FYI....Those plastic spacers come in different colors or even in wood grain!

    4 1/4" between slider/rail. Some Hot-wheel cards are bigger depending on the series I just measured the larger cards and fixed accordingly. Hope that helps.

    This is awesome. I collect Hot Wheels too, and this will be a great way to localize and display my collection in a way that doesn't irritate my wife.