Picture of Hot Wheels Rocket Car
Just find any hot wheels car that is normal size and all you need is some duck tape, a zip-tie, a hot glue gun, the ink tube in a BIC pen, a model rocket engine kit (your choice of engine type, prefered type is a "C6-5") , and a hot-glue gun. And then just launch it off to have it reach its maximum distance and average speed. Also info on how to make a track for the car is included.
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Step 1: First Step

Picture of First Step
Take your Hot Wheels car, make sure it does not have a heavy weight and take any extra things off of it, such as a spoiler, windows, windshields. Anything extra like that you dont need.

Step 2: Second Step

Picture of Second Step
Then, take your BIC pen and take out the ink cartridge and empty out the ink. Once it is empty, put the cartridge through the back window towards the windshield and hot glue it to the car. But make sure the holes on each side of the ink cartridge is wide open.

Step 3: Third Step

Picture of Third Step
Next you are ready for the model rocket engine. Place it one top of the car but obviously and make sure you put enough force on it in order for it not to roll off. . Also, make sure the side of the engine with the small hole is in the back or else it will shoot at you. Keep it in place and ducktape the engine around the car to where you do not cover the wheels and the ducktapes wraps around sidewase, not lengthwise.

Step 4: Final Step

Picture of Final Step
Last but certainly not least, to make the accleration of your car really get to its maximum velocity, get the colored plug and the igniter and put it in to the little hole. Make sure that the side of the igniter with the joining of the wires is on the outside. Now its complete to where it will not its inertia for about a good 5 to 6 seconds.