Picture of Hot and Sour Soup
I love hot and sour soup. When I found our I was allergic to soy and chicken it limited my ability to visit Chinese and Thai restaurants. So I came up with my own version that uses pork and vegetable broth.

Here it is...Enjoy 

No soy (or cicken) hot and sour soup

2 cloves garlic pressed
1 med onion diced (or more if you happen to be my wife)
2 boneless pork chops sliced into strips, julienned (yes I spelled it incorrectly my wife is Julie, I have her cut them.....)
Hot sesame oil coat the wok
1 can water chestnuts
1 can bamboo chutes
32 oz veg stock
½ cup vinegar
¼  cup fish sauce
¼ cup palm sugar (you can use less, this is a bit sweet)
2 carrots julienned
1 thumb size piece of ginger
2 eggs scrambled
3tbl spoons arrow root mixed with a bit of water to make a thin slurry
5 stalks of green onion to garnish

This is vegetarian if you think pork is a vegetable. You can swap the pork with seafood, or tofu but if you use tofu you need to get your own receipt.  Tofu is soy and soy is evil……

Get  wok hot add in the oil. Do not let it get to the smoke point or you will need a chemical grade gas mask (know this from experience I need my painting respirator to get back in the kitchen). Throw in the garlic after pressing, the onion finely diced. Soften onion, add in carrot.

Once carrot is warm, add pork. Cook until pink is gone from the pork, don't over cook the pork.

Add water chestnuts, and bamboo chutes, veg stock (Swanson's is the best see cooks illustrated), fish sauce, palm sugar, and vinegar. 

Bring to a simmer, add beaten egg stirring constantly as you s….l…o…w…l…y  drizzle in the egg. Once the egg has made the soup look like a complete mess add the grated ginger. Allow the soup to hit a simmer again. Add in the arrow root slurry a bit at a  time until the soup takes on a slight thickness.

Put  a bit of green onion on top, you could also add a tad of mint, and lemon to taste.

Enjoy and soy spelled backward is yos as in yos better not put any soy in my food.