Picture of Hot cat neckpad
Here is a nice tutorial to make a hot cat neckpad. Heat this cat in your microwave for 3 minutes and enjoy!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Big paper for pattern
Sewing machine
Heat resistent fabric (cotton)
Rice or cherry pits

Step 2: The Pattern

Picture of The Pattern
13 16:54.jpg
13 16:54.jpg
13 16:54.jpg
Draw on a paper 2 circles in each other with diameter of 7 and 15 ( or more) cm. (= 2.8 and 5.9 inch). You can make the outer circle bigger for a fatter cat. Draw feet, head and tail like on the picture. Cut out the pattern. Draw the pattern 2 times on your fabric and cut out.

Step 3: Sew

Picture of Sew
13 16:54.jpg
13 16:54.jpg
Pin the two pieces together with the right side facing in. Sew together but keep a small part unstitched for turning inside out. Cut out the cat.

Step 4: Filling

Picture of Filling
13 16:54.jpg
13 16:54.jpg
Turn inside out. Pull the fabric through the opening. You can use a pencil to poke the ears, feet and tail of the cat. Fill the cat with the rice of cherry pits with the funnel through the opening. Stitch the opening. Done!

Step 5: Heat

Picture of Heat
Heat the cat in your microwave and put her in your neck. Enjoy!
vnh19701 year ago

This is so cute!! Thanks for sharing. :)

MicioGatta1 year ago

Totally cuteeeeeee! >^_______^< Would you pealse do add the scan of the cat pattern? >^.^< that would be great!

vjmac1 year ago
very cool!