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I use hot glue to cover connections between 2 wires so that they are sealed and nothing can touch them, it is a cheap and fast way to protect you wire connections


Phil B (author)2012-06-28

I like hot glue for an electrical insulator, too. I also often allow the hot glue to hold multiple connections near to one another in a solid chunk so they cannot move around. This is particularly useful where the conductors may be the leads from several resistors. Not only are they insulated from one another, but the hot glue locks them in place and they cannot move around. See step 5 of this Instructable for an example.

joshmt2012 (author)Phil B2012-06-28

Yeah hot glue is very useful when working with electronics because it's a good insulator. I sometimes bubble them together to but then if you ever have to change one you have to cut the whole bundle out just to change the one. Thanks for the comment

Phil B (author)joshmt20122012-06-28

I always dreaded cutting apart a bundle of wires and parts, but had to do it once. It really was not difficult, although it took just a little time.

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