Picture of Hot glue sculpture
Here I will show you how to use only hot glue and an LED.

You will need...
- Hot Glue
- Foam
- Printer
- 123D

Step 1: Pre- Plan

Picture of Pre- Plan
123d skull 2.png
Find a model on 123D and change the slice thickness to the thickness of your foam sheet.

Step 2: Print and cut it out

Picture of Print and cut it out
Print it out and transfer the shapes to the foam, now cut the foam.

Step 3: Fill up the Molds

Picture of Fill up the Molds
Fill the Molds with the Hot Glue up to the top.

Then stack and glue the slices.

Step 4: Sculpting and Lighting

Picture of Sculpting and Lighting
Heat a Knife and sculpt to your liking.

Now push the tip of the hot glue gun into the bottom and stick the bulb into the hole.

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