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Introduction: Hot 'n' Spicy Toasties

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I tried to make my toasties better and full of more flavours, so I decided to make them hotter! Easy and great sandwich to make in no time.

Step 1: Ingredients.

- 2x slice of bread (any kind will do)
- 2 slices of pepperoni
- 2x slices of plain cheese (you decide how much)
- 2x slices of ham (I prefer honey roasted)
- 4x green or red chopped jalapeños

Step 2: Method

Firstly, place the bread into the toaster. Once the toast has finished, layer on the ham, pepperoni, cheese and jalapeños to your liking.

Next, there are two ways of heating it up:
On the grill or in the microwave.

For microwave:
Place in for a minute until cheese is bubbling hot.

For the grill:
Place in on a tray and heat up until cheese is bubbling also.

Finally, serve up!



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