Hello, in this instructable I'll teach you how to "solve" a cube incredibly fast,
at least, make it look like you can solve it incredibly fast

a small preview of what it looks:

Step 1: Learn to Solve the Cube

You'll probably screw the scramble up a few times, so you need to be able to solve it in order to act like you solve it

you can either: learn to solve the cube the normal way, I'd recommend the instructional vid by Pogobat
or you can use an online application to do it, like this one
<p>this didn't work... (._.)</p>
<p>Not BF, it's B F.</p>
<p>Or the easy scramble is U R BF L D R2. Just reversing the solve...</p>
I want to know How to play this game...plz answer me ! let me know

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