Picture of How to fake an incredibly fast rubik's cube solve
Hello, in this instructable I'll teach you how to "solve" a cube incredibly fast,
at least, make it look like you can solve it incredibly fast

a small preview of what it looks:

Step 1: Learn to solve the cube

Picture of Learn to solve the cube
You'll probably screw the scramble up a few times, so you need to be able to solve it in order to act like you solve it

you can either: learn to solve the cube the normal way, I'd recommend the instructional vid by Pogobat
or you can use an online application to do it, like this one
GMKTG4 months ago

Not BF, it's B F.

GMKTG4 months ago

Or the easy scramble is U R BF L D R2. Just reversing the solve...

cucombar6 years ago
I want to know How to play this game...plz answer me ! let me know