It's getting colder by the week, winter's approaching and that means my mom is going to start getting really chilly fingers and toes. And seeing as it's Mom's Day and I haven't made anything for her in years... I reckon it's about time.

You will need:
- Pen
- Paper
- Scissors (sharp enough to cut through material)
- Fleece material (pink and white, 1 x 1 metre of each is fine)
- Felt material (white for the eyes and pink for the heart)
- Sewing thread
- Embroidery thread for the add ons
- Pins
- Large safety pin
- Hot water bottle
- Stuffing (optional - I thought I would be needing this for the head, arms and feet to give a bit of form but in the end, didn't)

Step 1: Sketch It Out for the Front

- sketch out your drawing (make sure it's a little bigger than your hot water bottle)
- cut it out and place onto the fleece material (I've gone with a double layer for the front and back)
- trace the outline around your paper template with a pen or thin marker. Cut the material at the borders.
- Note: make sure you leave about 10cm or so at the borders.

Step 2: For the Back Part

- I made the hot water bottle opening about a third of the way from the top.
- Where I've marked the numbers:
1. where the opening is
2. extended material section
- you need the extended material part to turn back onto itself to sew a neat hem

Step 3: Back - Top and Bottom Bits

- When you sketch the outline onto the material, do it in two sections (for top and bottom)
- You want those extended parts for each section
- For the bottom 1 is at the bottom and 2 at the top
- Pin your material together in preparation for cutting along the number 2 line

Step 4: Back - Sewing the Top and Bottom Seams

- Still on the back section
- Take the top and bottom sections, line them up and make sure that the bottom section overlaps the top a bit (the reason, so that your hottie is hidden away well and doesn't start to pop out).
- Take each section separately, turn back the material onto itself and sew along to form a neat hem
- You can see on the first section, it wasn't happening so I just sewed along the middle.

Step 5: Front and Back Stitched Together

- Pin your front piece to the back (top and bottom sections)
- Make sure it's all lined up correctly
- Sew along the marked outline (I sewed mine from the front)
- Note: don't forget to leave a space (say 15cm or so) so that you can turn it all inside out

Step 6: Cut Out Along the Border

- When cutting along the border, try not to cut too close to the stitching (leave about 10cm)
- On the back section: your opening should look like this (bottom section overlapping the top)

Step 7: Turn It Inside Out - the Fun Part

- Make sure it all fits, pop in the hottie to see.

Step 8: Add the Extras

- Cut out the pieces you need from your felt
- I did white eyes, pink for the dummy and heart
- I then sewed on black embroidery for the eyes
- I also used white embroidery for stitching on the lettering

Step 9: All Done

- Sew up the opening that was left when you turned it all inside out
- Cut out the fleece material needed for the nappy and pin together
- I measured it by placing the hottie, top to bottom onto the white fleece material and cutting from this
- Sew on all the add-ons (felt material and embroidery), I sewed on a nose in embroidery
- And I also added on the front in black embroidery - "We all know how much you miss little old me"

And Mom's little hottie is ready - just in time for winter
How . . . warm and fuzzy!&nbsp; OOOH!&nbsp;I&nbsp;can also make one for my ice bag!&nbsp; Thank you - for the instructable AND&nbsp;the idea!<br />
Cool, really neat idea!
thx blackjack
This is great!
Thanks Fungus, had fun making this. I never knew sewing could be so soothing.

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