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Travelling large distances on a holiday can be boring? Just borrow a coat hanger from the hotel and fold yourself a camera mount to hang from your rear view mirror. You'll have hours of fun, especially in fast corners and roundabouts.

A coat hanger and a set of pliers is all you need.

Step 1: Cutting and Folding

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Cut the coat hanger.
Bend the edges downward at right angles.
Estimate the thickness of the camera and bend the edges inward.
Account for the lens sticking out.
Cut off the remaining parts (if necessary).

Step 2: Pictures

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DonGuerr (author)2011-05-27

Doesn't the camera sway around and jump up and down while driving? I've done fairly good just holding my iPhone in one hand that is also on the steering wheel. Big hands help.

bertus52x11 (author)DonGuerr2011-05-29

Depends on the road and your driving style! On smooth roads it works quite well, on rough terrain with a Monstertruck, your concern is definitely valid!

Ed65 (author)2010-03-18

I've been looking for a simple way to hang a camera form my mirror....thanks for the interesting idea. I'd take the additional step of putting some 1/8-inch heat shrink tubing on the hanger wherever it touches the camera. This would hopefully avoid scratching the LCD display or the camera body.  I'll probably aim my camera forward and put it in video mode.

bertus52x11 (author)Ed652010-03-19

I agree, the 1/8-inch tubing would really add the finishing touch (my camera is already badly scratched as I use it on my bicycle as well).

bertus52x11 (author)2010-03-16

It occurred to me later that one could use this to photograph the landscape as well although that was not the original intention !
(with the interval timer of the camera)

Danielfish (author)2010-03-11

 Is that Bez in the backseat?

bertus52x11 (author)Danielfish2010-03-11

I'm affraid not. Is he famous?

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