Picture of Hotwheels Flash Drive
This Instructable will show you how to take a simple hotwheels car, and turn it into the coolest flash drive ever!
I would love to see your creations.  If you have made a Hotwheels flash drive post a pic as a comment.
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Step 1: Selecting a car

Picture of Selecting a car
The fist I made was a Hotwheels 07 Dodge Challenger. But you can probably use any car you like. A car with tinted windows won't have the interior so there will be more room inside to put the flash drive. Decide if you want the flash drive in front or back. Whichever one you chose it needs to be big enough to house the unit. For this Instructable I used a new Camaro. It worked well and recommend it.

Step 2: Tools you will need

Picture of Tools you will need
The tools you will need are a Dremel and a flat-head screwdriver. The screwdriver is used for the flash drive case. The Dremel is used for all modifications to the car.

Step 3: Taking apart the car

Picture of Taking apart the car
Taking apart the car is easy. Use your Dremel with the drill bit. Carefully drill out the rivet or rivets on the bottom. Some cars have two of them. Once the rivets are drilled out, the car will fall apart into pieces.

Step 4: Taking apart the USB case

Picture of Taking apart the USB case
Now take your flash drive. Be really careful in taking it apart, there are fragile parts inside.
Take your flat-head screwdriver and pry the two halves apart. If you use a drive that retracts, you have more to remove.

Step 5: Cut the rivet off of the frame

Picture of Cut the rivet off of the frame
If your car has a rivet on the end you want to put the flash drive, you will need to cut it off of the frame of the car. The Dremel with the metal cutting wheel is perfect. This will make room for the flash drive.

Step 6: Cut through the interior

Picture of Cut through the interior
If you chose a car with an interior, you have to cut a hole through the back seat to make room for the drive. You might have to trim some off of the front seats as well. This is why cars with tinted windows are easier to work with. Which ever one you have you have to cut some plastic off of the back.
rvidal41 year ago
i like to try the Hotwheels 08 Ford Focus now a (08 Mazda 3) i customized the car i want before i can use a flashdrive for it.
benjabean13 years ago
I made it! Pic will be uploaded in next comment. I do suggest, however, not using hot glue to secure the USB drive itself; if the drive overheats, it softens the glue. I will be replacing the hot melt glue holding the USB drive to the bottom of the car with cyanoacrylate glue (Super Glue).
benjabean13 years ago
I would like to point out that in Step 9, you said that "any glue" can be used. However, since some glues are water-based, this would not work with Elmer's Glue, for example; it would damage the components of the flash drive. Perhaps you could point out that if using water-based glue, one should cover the flash drive with electrical tape (If room is available.)
baba43 years ago
would it work with a plastic car?
baba43 years ago
im thinking of making one with a '65 impala
veemon4 years ago
I did it !!!!!!!!
shaggs31 (author)  veemon3 years ago
Nice job! I love the car.
dis is de ford torino usb
noahh5 years ago
 I did this a few years ago, but a bit differently. I took a Hotwheels van, and popped out the back window. Then I glued it in.
CaseBoy5 years ago
 I love this project, but I have run into a problem.I can't seem to remove the rivet. do you have any tip or ticks(like the size of the drill bit) 
shaggs31 (author)  CaseBoy5 years ago
I used a drill bit that is almost the same size of the rivet.  I like to use lube while drilling.  This keeps the friction down and makes the drilling go smoother.  Hope that helps.
I just finished here it is(sorry about the pic my camra is messed up so ihad to use photo booth.)
Photo on 2010-02-14 at 12.15.jpg
shaggs31 (author)  CaseBoy5 years ago
looks nice.  good job.
shaggs31 (author) 5 years ago
Hey everyone, let me know if you have built one of these things. I want to know if any one has joined my insanity!
Cool Idea here is one I built (sorry For the bad quality)
Picture 5.jpg
weirdo625 years ago
wow this is awesome. i want to make one but my dad probably won't let me use his dremel.
Gamer9176 years ago
i want to make a speed racer one, so im buying another speed racer car for it soon and im also thinking of making a secret compartment in my mouse for a flash drive
3leftturns6 years ago
A++ Shaggs! Does June-Bug let you do your instructables all over her coffee table...? Cause I've been relegated to the garage. Very cool!
shaggs31 (author)  3leftturns6 years ago
I wish i had a garage to work in. then i would have a work bench and everything!
It all comes with time, young padawan.
I3uckwheat6 years ago
you put a lot of time into that it looks very clean 5 stars