This is finally the actual how-to Instructable on how to make my house key balisong. This is also the first Instructable that I have ever made so go easy on me.

Alright first off:
 - I broke my printer during a recent project because the card stock got jammed. (I'm gonna have to make everything by hand now) So be careful with you printer when using the card stock, it may cause a paper jam and then possibly break it. Please check if your printer is able to handle card stock by checking the g/m². (i think, if not let me know)

- I am not responsible for any damage you cause to your house key or yourself, but I'm pretty sure nothing will happen because you are dealing with paper and glue.

- Make sure you have a good amount of time to do this project. I think few good days of quality work should be good enough. (its a bad idea to be rushing through stuff)

- Go through all the images in each step because I put notes on them. Also maybe take a look through the whole Instructable first before you start.

In steps 1-16: you'll be designing / gathering all the information you need to create this.
-The actual build doesn't start until steps 17- Finish. 

Step 1: Materials

Things you'll need:

- Card stock (I used 110lb heavyweight from Staples)
- Standard printer paper
- Hobby knife
- Pencil
- Drawing compass
- Printer with copy feature (saves time to make the pieces)
- Ruler
- House key
- Tape
- Super glue
- Bottle of all purpose white glue
- Glue stick
- Tooth picks
- Hole puncher (one hole puncher is highly recommended)
- Chain part of a keychain
- 4 small magnets (try to find ones that are the same thickness as your house key)

<p>This is a good project but i am going to take it one step further and attempt to 3-d print it if it is not already made</p>
now i see the logic ^_^
btw were would be a good place to get the magnets <br>
Old speakers work too, although 9 times out of 10 the magnets are too big.
radio shack has some small rare earth magnets. those may work.
I'm actually not to sure where a good place to get magnets from would be. I got my magnets from toys i found in the basement.
this is cool. I will be making one soon since i will be mooving. any way of posibly lammenating? live in a wet area. maby crayons or somthing waxy?
this is really amazing, i mean, who would come up with a house key butterfly knife made out of paper and magnets? really cool, i wanna build one. are the handles stiff, or do they flop around a little? also, does the key chain flap around and get in the way when using this?
I haven't found anyone else that has done this before. I guess its my own creation.<br><br>I used it for about a year and it was okay, but it was very functional or that strong at the joints. In the end I took it apart and came up with another idea which I think is way better. If you haven't seen it yet here is the link: <br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/House-Key-OFT-Out-The-Front-Switchblade/
Wow! just paper and magnets.
I'm glad you like it
Thats pretty Cool man!! so this is All paper n magnets?
what is the open stop system?
Open stop system is what keeps everything from wobbling when it is open.
nice job duplicator
What do you mean?
wat should the test handle be made out of?? <br>
The test handle should be made out of one piece of card stock.
im gonna try and do this, it is really cool! i just dont have any small magnets, but that doesnt bother me.
god, i really wanna do this but i dont have access to card stock or magnets :/
i dont have access to either too :l but im gonna use index cards and make a sorta latch system or just without magnets or a latch :D
i never thought about index cards. i was gonna use ALOT of printer paper......
You should post a video of you flipping it!
You can't flip it. It has magnets. :D
I think it would be advantageous for you to explain what a balisong is. No where in the 'ible is it written, the only way I found out was by the picture in the very last step.
Why'd you even bother reading this if you didn't know what a balisong was???
Because that's what people do on this website, they go to learn new things.
You're the one who complained, not me.
You're a moron, potato head. There was no complaint lodged, ever. I provided constructive feedback and a cited fact from your instructible. Furthermore, you seem to be completely oblivious to the fundamental purpose of this website. Lastly, your previous point is in no way close to an appropriate response to the one before it, so you are also avoiding that obvious fact that you overlooked, which is just embarrassing for you.
Interesting implementation of the &quot;be nice&quot; policy there. Maybe you're right about my being a moron, but at least I knew what a balisong was BEFORE I read this Instructable.
Wow. I'm going to flag my own post so the instructibles people can get a good laugh out of this.
lololol that just made my day, bro
this looks nice :D. Great job.
Nice idea. I would say you have been more than through. I would like to mention one thing about your (or anyone else who makes a key instructable) if you have a picture of your key or a tracing of it, either use a blank or blur out the edges. That picture can be printed out and easily cut or filed onto a new key. Just FYI
anyone wanna lookup and post his address here or should I?
love it, i kind of want to make one out of some scrap metal i have laying around
This is a great little idea. I am glad you wrote up a full instructable, mainly because you did such an excellent job of writing it up!
this is a very well put together ible. i might try to make one of these.
I had an Idea to do this a while back but never went through with it and I must say this is one of the best Instructibles I have seen in a long time. nice job!

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