Picture of House Key Balisong (Butterfly Knife)
I have turned my house key into a mini Balisong.

The handles and pivot pins are made out of layers of regular card stock and the latch is magnetic.

If you would like to see  the full Instructable of this click here.

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beehard444 years ago
haha made me lol
CreativLiMade (author) 5 years ago
Almost done the Instructable. it WILL be out before August 14.
CreativLiMade (author) 5 years ago
Alright so after a year i'm finally making an instructable for this.
CreativLiMade (author)  CreativLiMade5 years ago
gonna be taking a few days off from working on it. got my wisdom teeth taken out
Hope we will see it soon =)
CreativLiMade (author)  3RR0R4045 years ago
Hopefully, I'm trying to make it as in-depth as possible.
codongolev5 years ago
just in case you care, you just showed your house key to the world. you might want to obscure that next time. but it's a great project!
CreativLiMade (author)  codongolev5 years ago
Thanks! but i was just wondering why is it a bad idea to show my house key?
yeah, what he said... some guy invented a key that's also a keyring (genius!) and then posted the prototype online... then he had to change his locks, because he posted his house key on his international blog.
CreativLiMade (author)  codongolev5 years ago
its a good thing my address and everything else isn't on here then
Any half-decent key-maker can duplicate a key from a photo or scan. Just to let you know =)
CreativLiMade (author)  shadowofblood5 years ago
Thanks for the answer. I guess its ok as long as who ever doesn't know where I live. :D
Do you happen to live in San Diego?
CreativLiMade (author)  shadowofblood5 years ago
lol nope
Lol, k. I know another robomaster1 who lives in SD.
CreativLiMade (author) 6 years ago
Well, does anyone else want to know how to make this?
ive been wonting to make one but ive never found some1 showing how to make the haddles attach to the key so if u could post a instructable that would be great
drill 2 holes in your key and put a small metal pin in it then just jb weld the pin to eaither side of your handles
CreativLiMade (author)  sparktech5 years ago
i guess i would do that but i don't have any of the tools for that. For me is was easier to work with paper
now thats a dumb question...something this cool?          .....that answer should be obvious...F@*# yeah!!! this is a sweet idea!
 Yes i would like to know how to make this also
yeah that would be awesome to learn how to make it.
yeah it look like a fun project
Absolutely, that key is the coolest MF on the block inside that.
Yes, I rather do.
sparktech5 years ago
i want one!!!! please make the instructable!!! u should make it out of metal though.....
CreativLiMade (author) 5 years ago
I know all you people out there like my house key balisong (Instructable is still coming), but I think you are all gonna like my next house key design even more.
 what will your next design be/when do you think it might be out?
CreativLiMade (author)  Frag5 years ago
I can give you a hint on what my next design is.... its spring loaded, but i'm not sure if i'm going to make an instructable on how to make it.
WANT! either way, +1.
CreativLiMade (author) 5 years ago
 Well, I sorry I didn't get this instructable out this Christmas due to the fact that I have school to deal with. Which gives me little or no time to work on any of my projects.

I have gotten the chance to use the key for a while though so I can tell you what it is like using it.

First, it is very fun to have and show to your friends. The only bad thing about this is that you have to be careful when your turning your key in the key hole.

There will be more information about the experience with this in the instructable. Hopefully I can give it to you guys soon, but school and mid terms come first. 

 Not gonna lie, this thing is a beast. Too bad I wasn't the first to come up with this. But I got a few questions. 

1) What exactly do you mean by card stock?
2) Does this work as a normal butterfly knife? Can you still do tricks?
3) Nice Job! It's a good looking mofo

CreativLiMade (author)  Buck Futter5 years ago
1) Card stock is a paper that is thicker and more durable than normal writing or printing paper. 2) It opens and close like the actual thing. I'm not sure if you can do tricks(never really made an attempted), but I think it is to do some tricks. 3)thankyou =)
you gonna put up how you made this?
Spycrab5 years ago
show us how to make this man! :D
Kaiven5 years ago
Nice idea on the magnetic latch! I want to make one with wood or metal now!
3RR0R4045 years ago
So i'm still waiting for the instructables =)
could you help me and tell me how you made this?
3RR0R4046 years ago
I'm French but I hope you will finish your Instructables asap cose it's awesome !
ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
That's COOL!
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