In this Instructable I will be starting where my other Instructable "House Key Balisong (Actual Instructable) " finished off. This time around I decide to take a different approach. Instead of making another Balisong (Butterfly Knife), I came up with an idea where my house key would be placed into a housing (made of card stock) and with a push of a button, my house key would pop out exposing the teeth of the key. The final concept is based on an OTF (Out The Front) switchblade such as the "MicroTech Halo Series ."

      I will be showing the design process all the way to the finished product. Hopefully this Instructable will inspire others to create their own design based off my work.

      I was going to use image notes for this one, but for some reason they don't seem to be saving. I'll put them up when they work again but I think that my descriptions will be easy enough to match to the images anyway.

      If you want to skip all this awesome information there are a few videos at the end which shows it in action.


Step 1: Materials

Things that I used:

- Card stock (I used 110lb heavyweight from Staples)
- Standard printer paper
- Hobby knife
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Sharpies
- Drawing compass
- Protractor
- Ruler
- Metal ruler
- House key
- Springs (Found in regular pens)
- Scotch tape
- Super glue
- Bottle of all purpose white glue
- Tooth picks

Can I have a pdf? I was thinking of making it vector, you could scale it up and it would be easier to change it based on the key design
Yeah sure, can you PM me your email so i can send it to you? <br><br>That's a great idea. I would have probably done something like that the first time if i had a printer that could handle card stock.
<p>Can I get a pdf as well? This looks really good :)</p>
Ok, i will do that in... one minute
Genius! <br>Someone get this guy a 3D printer ... stat!
Can I have a PDF of this I would very much like to make one
Or, better yet, a flash drive!<br><br>is it ok if I use your design and make an instructable? I will make sure to credit you
Did you ever get the chance to do this? If or when you do, can you post a link to it?
Yup you can use my design. I can't wait to see the instructable when its finished.
Ok, thanks!
are you left handed, cause it looks like this is made for some one who is left handed.
Yeah, I am left handed. You can easily turn it into a right handed version by flipping the pieces around.
ok, thats what i thought, and i was thinking of doing that but i wasnt sure it would work, but now it sounds like it would. thanks for the help!
np. It sounds like you're planning on actually creating your own
yeah, i was thinking of making this one or your bailisong one over the summer. i hope i have enough cardstock!
i am left handed...<br>i didnt think there was a diffrence between right and left hander knives
will it work for knives? &gt;:D
My designs are based off real OTF knives so yeah it will work for knives.
wondering if maybe foam core (elmers) would work better. you could carve out the inside easier?
I think using foam core is a good idea. I never really thought about it but I don't know if it will be strong enough. Also when carving the inside it would be difficult to get a perfectly smooth surface on the inside, but it probably can be done.
fantastic job with this! great attention to detail, and leaving nothing out in the instructable. only thing is that you should have a video of it unlocking a lock so that people will know it wont fail in a lock while opening it. lastly, take out one or two of the videos showing it just opening, having more than one or two is a little repetitive. anyways, superb job!!!
Thanks! I'll take your advice about proving that it can actually unlock a lock.
your welcome, glad i could help!
hope you win the contest!
Yeah, I do too :)
:) good luck! :)

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