House Number Plate/Signage With Plank (discarded)




Introduction: House Number Plate/Signage With Plank (discarded)

Forget paying money for house number plates/signage. Make one in 30 minutes and the house number plate says "It's you"

This project is so simple. It may be embarrassing to put on instructables but then it is a zero cost project and you can be creative to add other shapes besides numbers.

Step 1: Tools You Need

A saw, drill, files and sandpaper. If you like to give it colour, some paint.

I found some discarded wood planks. I got mine from discarded pallets. Cut into the length you want.

Step 2: Draw the Number and Drill Holes

I just hand draw the number and then use the drill to make holes.

I made this 7 without filing down since I wanted the jagged edges. I then just sand paper down and it is done! This took 20 minutes to do.

If you like the smooth outline like the "5-15", then just file down.

Paint if you like.

Attach to tile or wall with double sided tape.

That's it.



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