This is a Nerf hide. It is meant for assassinations on a target who seems to have forgotten who is the master of Nerf. Use this on targets which you have a location on, and who need a reminder. In the words of Michael Weston, a good trap intrigues, but does not warn.

Step 1: Location

Any long hall or central area. I like the hall, as it has a lot of entry points (bedrooms) but also a stretch with no cover.

Step 2: Base

I like a table. It allows me to build a lot around it while maintaining stealth. The hide should look like someone just piled laundry or bedding on it in a hurry. The table also gives a great place to put your kit.

Step 3: Dress It Up

There shouldn't be any openings at all. Make sure you know where your barrel will protrude. Don't put an opening, put a single light layer. Mine is the red and blue.

Step 4: Inside the Hide

The inside will be dark; any light but red tinted will shine through and give you away.

Step 5: Kit

Kit, or for newbies equipment, should bhe hidden. Check once you've placed yours.
Gun: The barrel of the gun should protrude slightly.
Backup: In my case, a pistol. Also, a throwing knife and sheath (please comment for an ible on this!)
Assassin kit: This is completely optional. See my other ible for details.
Extra clip
Comfort: This depends on how long you are planning to hide, I use a pillow for my elbow. Be sure to move this before shooting for stability.
Book and low light: Again, only have this of you'll be waiting a while.

Be sure you can pick up and go in under 30 seconds.

Step 6: Final Touches

Cover gaps, ensure darkness. Also cover your scope and barrel add much as possible.

Step 7: Execution

Turn off all nearby lights, close windows. Lie in the blind, read, and wait. This is the best part: the anticipation. Pics here include me waiting, both on and off the gun.
When the target approaches, take a silent breath and fire, doubling up if at all possible. Be ready to evac, even if it means blowing your way out.
If you guys want an ible on the throwing knife or assassination techniques, let me know here!
<p>Please add a throwing knife ible</p><p>I wanna be an assassin! </p>
It was a confirmed kill. Bullseye to the the face.
<p>hope the battle went well, looking at your ability to build this wonder fortress I assume it went extremely well.</p>

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