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A friend sent me these pictures about a house that was built using recycled materials.


cgoswami1 (author)2015-10-04

I wanted to do that
I like it
but how could I get waste bottle??
if I'm purchasing from scrap collectors thn for that much more money needed Hahaha
it is same price compare to cement bricks...!!

IvliaB (author)cgoswami12016-09-06

Ask all your friends to save their empty plastic water and soda bottles. You'll be surprised how fast the pile grows and you're helping the recycling effort as well.

IvliaB (author)2016-09-06

Would be great in an earthquake zone, especially if built using plastic bottles. If the walls fall in on you you won't be trapped by heavy steel beams etc.. Great idea and one I will be researching further. Many thanks for the photos.

EddieD4 (author)2016-01-18


giorgia14 (author)2015-10-18

My jaw just dropped...!!! That's fantastic..!! I'm totally amazed......

giorgia14 (author)2015-10-18

My jaw just dropped...!!! That's fantastic..!! I'm totally amazed......

Julie328 (author)2015-07-16

great idea but is it warm or cool when needed.

WriterofWords (author)2014-03-20

I guess it would keep the bottles out of the dump, but how do you replace glass that breaks or plastic that breaks down and crumbles and leaves holes in the wall?

roulopa (author)WriterofWords2014-11-26

I guess the same way you replace a brick, dig in!

same fro strawbale houses it is possible to replace a faluty strawbale as much as it is possible to cut through the wall once you have dug in the earth plaster.

jon.blymiller (author)2014-10-14


Reiff (author)2014-02-24

That is...I don't know what to say, but like Carlos said, you may as well just make an adobe hut.

DIY-Guy (author)2010-11-02

Big plastics question, two words- UV resistance?

The star shapes look so cool in the walls!

chrwei (author)DIY-Guy2012-08-07

note that they are painted when finished...

Loopstyle (author)2012-03-13

Interesting reusing of plastic/glass bottles! I have a website ( that shares inspiration in the upcycling area! You are more then welcome to visit and post a loop at the webpage!


blkhawk (author)Loopstyle2012-03-13

Thank you for the invitation.

onemoroni1 (author)2011-07-14

This is an interesting recycling and re-purposing. However I don't think it would fly in California to meet building codes. Would be good for an out building.

Super_Geek (author)2010-03-15

Actualy under the right condition (high heat with moisture and pressure, that can be achieved in most landfills) plastic will break down in about 50 years. 

upcycler74 (author)Super_Geek2011-07-14

"It should be noted, however, that even with biodegradable plastic materials the decomposition will normally be limited because most landfills in the U.S. are not operated in a biologically active state."
From U of Michigan Engineering dept website on bioplastics UMICH

In ideal situations, yes, anaerobic degradation of plastic in landfill does occur, but as stated above, this is not neccessarily the norm. I think that a plastic bottle in an anaerobic, or a dry climate like in the pictures above, a plastic bottle will last a very, very long time.

cincymikeb (author)2011-07-10

Saw this in North carolina see web site Marys gone wild. I dont know how strong it is but it sure is beautiful !

chaguin60 (author)2011-03-15

have anybody tried using a sealer on papercret to seal out humidity in a humid climate?

ellislake (author)2011-02-20

a massive well done to you all.its an amazing idea.why isnt this used in all 3rd world countries where they dont have building regulations,it would improve life so much

TheMightyBeagle (author)2011-01-25

I love it! I've been looking for something like this for awhile. Recycled houses amaze me. I love the star patern from the end of the bottles. Simply amazing! I love it! My husband and I are going to be buying our own home soon, and while the house we're buying is constructed by 'conventional' methods I would love to do something like this for landscaping. Amazing! Love it! Keep up the good work!

wazupwiop (author)2010-12-18

I wonder how hard it would be to run plumbing and electricity in a structure like that.

onrust (author)2010-08-09

Thanks for the show! We need more of this.......... in a bad way! I like the last 2 photos best.

sssssbooom (author)2010-04-11

You could make a sweet shed like that! this might be a way for me to finally afford a work shop. This is really cool!

venchilla96 (author)2010-04-11

i want to make my house like this now... how many bottles did they use?

bluefly1215 (author)2010-03-15

Awesome job. I think we all need to build more of these types of homes. Not only can we decrease the amount of plastic bottles in the landfills but we can also make homes for the less fortunate.  I have seen where they have used cans and another was a straw bale walled home. Great job!

izzyboop18 (author)2010-03-02

how many bottles did they use

mandyreese (author)2010-03-02

Hi! This is my first time seeing or hearing of this.  I'm very impressed and so interested!  My parents own some land here in GA, USA and I've always wanted to build my own house there and settle down to raise my son in the same woods I romped in as a child.  I know it will a be a while before I could afford a traditional home there, but now I am very curious to try something like this.  I'm just very confused as to the "construction".  When you say you fill the bottles with mud, would GA red clay work?  And as for what holds the bottles together- what is it?  Mud as well?  How would that work?  Does it dry?  What if it rains?  And what are the bottles roped together with?  Is that done on both ends of the bottles?  And what are the floors made of?  Bottles as well?  What about electricity, plumbing, ect?  How are the windows inserted?    Is this even a good idea for this area?  I'm really quite excited, I want to post an ad on freecycle and craigslist to start saving bottles NOW!  :)  Thanks in advance!

andreasfroese (author)2010-02-10

My name is Andreas Froese
This is not in Mexico!!
Its in Bolivia( guarne) near Santa Cruz
I have done this in 2007 together whis the comunity and Ingrid vacadiez
In 2001 I build the first bouttle house and until now we have done more than 50 projects. Also water tanks our web site:

nezzbit (author)andreasfroese2010-02-28

looks good what did it cost what would a traditional house cost how much money was saved

andreasfroese (author)nezzbit2010-03-01

our construccion are 50%cheper ore more

xana (author)2010-02-09

ok so your burying the "plastic" in the mud or cement it is still polluting the environment.    why even use plastic ever at all ,no relation to this project what so ever.    the glass i can see good uses for it.

tonia_ladd (author)xana2010-02-13

them sit to use the bottles in a constructive way as opposed to letting them
sit in a landfil or worse to wash up on a sea shore with the rest of the garbage.  Plastic bottles are NOT biodegradable!  Seems pretty responsible to me. Perhaps you should watch "Garbage Warriors". 
Its time that we as a society start thinking about alternative ways that we can clean up our planet, and benefit with "affordable housing".  Not everyone has the funds or the resources to build with cement. Which is very expensive.  I have worked for a concrete company.  There are alot of pollutants and irritants that are washed out of those trucks and left standing in pits. 
Expand your mind. Stop being so close mined and critical. 

csolano (author)2010-02-12

This is my first post on Instructables.
I'm an architect living in Puerto Rico ("hurricane toll" in the Caribbean) and we build 99% of the time in reinforced concrete. This structure is very sound because it creates mini-vault like substructures which transfer forces directly to the ground - an antique Roman invention. I would suggest some steel reinforcement for forces perpendicular to the walls and such, like in earthquakes or hurricanes, and some crowning beams on top to better support roofs and other complementing structures, but these are very simple structural calcs... There is a chapel made with glass bottles and concrete here in the island built about 25 years ago. The sound proofing is great. It has been through several storms and earthquakes and it's still standing...The insulating qualities should be the best because of the air wall - Great job and very inspiring...!

Dr.Bill (author)2010-01-17

Looks pretty solid to me.
Were the caps left on the plastic bottles ?
If they were, how do they respond to the daytime heating ?
Do they expand and contract with the hot and cool weather ?
I like the way you built the round posts for the fence line in layers.

andreasfroese (author)Dr.Bill2010-02-10

The caps are importand to close the bouttles
In 2009 I was visiting the people how are living in this houses and the same answer as in Honduras good isolacion against heat and cool

rimar2000 (author)2010-01-15


Acá en Argentina sería peligroso, por el tema seguridad: con un martillo los chorros entran y la vacían en un rato. Tal vez en un pequeño pueblo del interior eso no ocurra, pero en las ciudades grandes la seguridad es casi inexistente.


Here in Argentina it would be dangerous for the security issue. With a hammer the thieves come and empty it in a while. Perhaps in a small provincial town that does not happen, but in large cities, security is almost non-existent.

andreasfroese (author)rimar20002010-02-10

Por eso mejor usando botellas con tierra o escombros
haga la prueba llenarlo uno y mientras lo llenas lo compactas con un palito.
Despues ni con un martillo lo puedes quebrar

blkhawk (author)rimar20002010-01-15

Gracias por su comentario amigo! Me encantaria que usted y yo discutieramos el tema tomandonos un mate! Saludos de un puertorriqueño en EEUU.

rimar2000 (author)blkhawk2010-01-15

Cómo no, pero es muy difícil que yo vaya a visitar USA, así que ven a la Argentina, que tengo yerba mate de la buena. Avísame para que ponga la pava a calentar....

HolyTracker (author)rimar20002010-01-16

yerba mate... hahaha tengo aqui una bastante buena: guayaki organica. obviamente importada. Crees que la yerba se pueda dar en un clima mas extremoso? Aqui tenemos mucho calor seco en verano y frio extremo en invierno. He estado pensando en importar semillas para mi jardin.
Saludos desde Mexico

rimar2000 (author)HolyTracker2010-01-16

No tengo ni idea del cultivo de la yerba mate. Supongo que los yerbateros deben ser celosos, no debe ser fácil conseguir las semillas.

chuchotachi (author)2010-01-18

Hermosa construccion, la idea de las botellas plasticas le da ligereza a la ves de resitencia ¿en que estado de la republica se encuentras la casa?

Son dos construciones en Bolivia
Todavia no tenemos obras en Mexico pero haciendo propaganda!!

tonia_ladd (author)2010-01-22

What a great presentation.  Is there a web site I can go to to read about the building process? Would really like to know more about the types of bottles used. Were they filled with something? And how well do they insulate? Whats the R-factor?

andreasfroese (author)tonia_ladd2010-02-10

sergio.delriodiaz (author)2010-01-24

 Hola, muchas feliciddes por el proyecto, está buenísimo, generalmente los proyectos con materiales de contrucción alternativos tienen una estética cuestionable, pero el resultado formal es muy bueno. 

¿Ustedes están en México? vi que tienen talleres de construcción, pero me parece es en Colombia, ¿en que parte se encuentran?

¿Les podemos mandar a hacer una construcción? es para un proyecto que estamos comenzando, y queremos edificar ya una planta, pero este tipo de construcción sería muy congurente, para cualquier información, nuestra página es 


Hola Segio
Estuve el ano pasado en mexico y tengo muchos amigos en tu pais
aqui mi email para hablamos
Y tienes razon estuve tambien en Colombia donde hay varios obras

jeffpaulwilson (author)2010-01-30

how would it stand up in an earthquake?  I'm thinking about Haiti here...

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