Picture of House on Halloween using Pixlr
For my first attempt at photo editing I am very happy with the results. It took a lot of re-dos and oops's but i somehow managed to pull it together in the end.

 I used Pixlr for the editing. It's a great program. and my goal was to use every tool but i didn't make it quite that far....maybe next time.

Please leave your constructive criticism and advise as I look at this as a great learning experience.

I hope you enjoy my house on Halloween.

Thank You
And PLEASE vote for me in the Halloween Photo Edit Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Step 1: Night Sky and Moon

Picture of Night Sky and Moon
I tried taking pictures of the house at every moment of the day and night. Strangely enough the best pictures seemed to work in the day time. So I had to create the night which is more fun!

First I opened the MOON pic and copied it to my main canvas. Then I selected the black color w/ the COLORPICKER and painted the rest of the canvas with the BUCKET TOOL.

I hope the full moon brings out a few werewolves!


This was the best part! I love using the CONE STAMP TOOL!!

Cleaning Up the House

First I cleaned up the house by removing the street light, the garage light and my car from the driveway using the CLONE STAMP TOOL.

Since I have a new sky it is time to get rid of the old one.

I highlighted the sky using the WAND TOOL and then inverted the selection. Then I selected the ERASER TOOL and took out the sky along with the trees in the background.

Who Turned Out the Lights?

Because I took the picture in the day time, I made the image darker by selecting the BUCKET TOOL changing the TOLERANCE to high and the OPACITY to 10% and kept adding until I was happy with the shade.

Bring On the Night

Finally I selected the house with the WAND TOOL again and moved the image to the main background with the moon.
great idea for a personalized halloween card! do the skeletons represent the people in your family?
No the skeletons are just themselves, but I was hoping to put the initials of our family members on some of the tombstones. I had a little trouble trying to figure it out, maybe for next years card.

Glad you enjoy it!