Picture of Household Speakers For Any Phone With Built In Speakers
This project is super simple meaning that it has no wires so it isn't that loud but it is a bit louder than usual. This is my first instruct able so I might be a little confusing but this is an easy project so you will get the idea. Here is a heads up..... You need to have an electronic device that has speakers built in and that it works too

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Materials required Paper towel roll or toilet roll(make sure it's just the piece, not with anything on it) 2 cups of any type I used foam but just make sure with your parents that you are allowed to cut into each one Scissors A knife (if needed but be carful). A pen or a marker(optional) And an electronic that has speakers built in.
Phoghat5 months ago

I tried this about 6 different ways, including a nice PVC pipe construct, doen't work,