Hoverboard With Formula Tires





Introduction: Hoverboard With Formula Tires

When we ran across these race-used Formula 3 tires we immediately thought that they would go well with our overboard. Check out the result!!

Step 1: The Construction Process

Here is the video in which we have documented the building process.

Step 2: How Badass It Looks!!!

Thank you for checking out our project!!

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    This is awesome. Love your videos.

    Nice dude! Thought about some way to increase the speed with the Formula tires?

    Thanks! Actually that would be really difficult because the tires deforms a lot and the rim is very heavy. I don't see this project going too far, but it was hilarious to make. :)

    Okay. Fair enough. Lol. Nice hack.

    YES!! This just made my day ! You rock and keep on rolling on ! ? ? ?

    That is so awesome! The filming of the video is really good too!

    Shouldn't it now be a bit faster because of the bigger wheels, But have less power (torque?)?

    There are two main problems with this modification: the first is that the rims and the tires weight really a lot, the second is that now the friction forces that are applied in the contact point between the tire and the asphalt, being the wheel bigger, have a bigger leverage than before so the torque needed to move the thing is much bigger!! Hope I was clear!! Thanks for commenting!!

    with all that extra clearance on the underside you could replace the failing batteries with a car battery. the extra weight of a car battery will make it more stable also.

    Actually the quality of the batteries is way superior of a car one!! It was surprising to see how well the segway is made thinking that it is a non-branded product coming from China. A car battery would only harm with the weight because the rims are already very heavy!! Thanks for the suggestion! :)