Introduction: How 2 Do Adult Colouring!

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My 1st Instructable ' How 2 do Adult Colouring' featuring tips on Sharpening & when to use fine liners!

Step 1: Picked Your Adult Colouring Pattern or Design !

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Once picked according to you interests get ready to colour.

Step 2: Select Your Colouring Equipment

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Most Adult Colouring is best done using Colouring pencils, Coloured Fine Liners and Dual Tipped Brush Pens!

Step 3: Get a Good Sharpener

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Here is the Dewent Double Pencil Sharpener for both Large & regular sized pencils also sharpens round, Hexagonal & Triangular Pencils!

Step 4: Colour the Flower in Sections

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Take 3 Colours and Colour the flower.

Step 5: Colour the Stems

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Pick 2 shades of green and colour the stems plus select a dark blue colour for the border.

Step 6: The Background

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Pick a light blue for the background and shade. Use a dark blue for the border.

Step 7: The Leafs

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Take care when selecting colours. Use both fine liners and pencil crayons

Step 8: Detail in the Leafs

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Make sure you use the same Colour in each section remember to use the fine liner first and then shade with the colouring pencil.

Step 9: More Leaf Details

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Go over shaded area with dark red fine liner to be extra Autumnal. Remember that white spaces can work for you with the dark green leaves.

Step 10: Build Up the Colour

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Remember your background leafs need attention and think carefully about using more than 1 colour on the bushes.

Step 11: Low Ground Bushes

Picture of Low Ground Bushes

Build your colour layers carefully and remember nature is messy.

Step 12: Background Leaf

Picture of Background Leaf

Each leaf matters so give it attension

Step 13: Insects

Picture of Insects

Remember your foreground & background insects and do them first.

Step 14: Adding Hues of Pinks

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Work quick & Be confident when using pink.

Step 15: The Last Leaf

Picture of The Last Leaf

1st Finish the dragonfly
2nd Do out line of leaf with fine liner
3rd Use orange fine liner on main leaf stem lines
4th add red

Step 16: Last Leaf Continued

Picture of Last Leaf Continued

Build up leaf Colour in the Background section use 3 warm pinks/ purples to great effect

Step 17: Nearly There

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Check for any missed spaces and colour them.

Step 18: The Finished Piece

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Look closely at your work for any thing you have missed or any blending issues. Knowing when to stop is a skill. Then look at the work away from you and if it looks OK your done. Only you will know when a peice is finished but if all the spaces are shaded and the fine liners are on and it looks good. Stop!


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Very interesting.


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