How 2.0: Digital Memory Wall


Introduction: How 2.0: Digital Memory Wall

Go from dusty photo albums to live-streaming memories!

Before: dusty albums, buried in the back of dusty closets.

After: hundreds of photos streaming live through your living room, refreshing every minute. See how to make memories come alive with this FiOS-networked Digital Memory Wall.



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    5 Discussions

    This is just a single computer running 10 monitors. I think I'd rather put a series of networked digital picture frames on the wall.

    600Watts jajajaja, the idea is good, now mmm how can we improve that very very poor power consumption design? cause to me 600W it's kind of a big hole in my pocket. at least surely it's not a everyday use of it, (unless we disconnect all devices from power and use the lcds to hold paper pictures). jejeje

    Elaborate but awesome! Really, totally awesome.

    Sorry, but that looks cluttered. Maybe you could get monitoirs that have smaller gaps inbetween the plastic and actual LCD. Then put them together, instead of spacing them out. That's just my opinion.