How 2.0: Digital Wall Harp


Introduction: How 2.0: Digital Wall Harp
The techno-gurus of tech makeover show My Home 2.0 made this digital wall harp using a MidiTron and infrared sensors that track your hand movements. To see complete instructions, more great DIY projects, and their latest state-of-the-art home makeovers, visit:



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    yuo need to find a new project im 11

    Hi, since MIDI needs to much electronics and $$, I changed the IR for piezzoelectric sensors and used mp3. Thanks for the idea

    It does not teach anything. I dont think anyone can build anything after this video. may be is should be just 1 min video to show what they have done instead of how did they do it.

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    The wall harp is a great idea. It looks like they use the Sharpe IR sensor to detect hand position. But no schematic and the url leads to a Verizon fios advertisement which sucks.

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    I agree, we need a schematic and were do you get the software?