Sure, you could just use a knife, but that would be so....retro. Techno-Guru Brian of technology makeover show My Home 2.0 introduces his sweetest invention ever: an assembly line machine for your favorite sandwich. Great for busy parents and tech-hungry kids. To see instructions, more great DIY projects, and their latest state-of-the-art home makeovers, visit: http://www.2pointhome.com.

A wise man once said, give a kid a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and she'll eat for a day...but give that kid a crazy, motorized, conveyor-belted contraption that makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and that day will be a lot more fun! (And yes, that wise man was me.)

Step 1: Self-analysis

Take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself, do I really need a giant machine to make one of the simplest sandwiches in the world?! If you're like me then the answer is a resounding YES!!!!!!!
that says "RUBE GOLDBURG" all over it
<p>Finnaly somebody knows Rube Goldberg...</p>
We need some video of this monster in action! :)<br>C
this needs to be put in every med cannabis despensery in the world cuz your gunna get the munchys no matter what
Justin Hawkins....nuff said.
This project is around 60 hours to build and thats assuming you know what your doing. Because of time constraints I was not able to catalog the process. Every inch of it is custom fabricated with the exception of the motors. I have another project coming up that I cataloged the entire process and I believe it is better then this but thats totally subjective. It should be done in about a week or two. I'm glad you enjoyed my totally pointless invention.
this is one of the best things i have seen on this web page!
Nice! Like The Muffinator said, with a little more work this instructable could be feature worthy.
Whoa! This is really cool!<br/><br/>You may want to use the Macro function - as some of your pictures are quite blurry. Also, you should either provide more photos that explain your text, or explain the steps better in the text. <br/>For example, &quot;<em>Next I built a tower out of 3/4&quot; square tubular steel and welded it together like this.</em>&quot; Does not explain how you welded the tower, nor does it reference a picture that shows how you welded the tower (not the actual welding, but the structure). <br/><br/>This is a great idea - it seems like you put a lot of effort into it, and I'd really like to help make this instructable feature-able.<br/>

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