How 2.0: PB&J Mechanical Munchie Maker





Introduction: How 2.0: PB&J Mechanical Munchie Maker

Sure, you could just use a knife, but that would be so....retro. Techno-Guru Brian of technology makeover show My Home 2.0 introduces his sweetest invention ever: an assembly line machine for your favorite sandwich. Great for busy parents and tech-hungry kids. To see instructions, more great DIY projects, and their latest state-of-the-art home makeovers, visit:



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    you are right cubyrop3 PHOTOSHOPED!!


    It's a fake. Photoshopped! When the girl puts the bread on the machine the bread is facing the end of the machine. As the PB&J; flips off the end the bread is facing the start of the machine. Obviously it's an illusion. Fake.

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    do you have any idea what photoshop is used for?

    haha. I guess turning off the camera and moving stuff involves adobe photoshop somehow?


    Or.... And hear me out on this one..... It was humor.


    Thank you XKCD!


    Wow good eye. I wanted to believe! If it were shot all in one take it would be pretty awesome. Still, it's a funny idea.

    This is not an instructable, it's an advertisement for someone who wants to be the next Bill Nye. Sad, Sad indeed.

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    I don't see anything wrong with people showing off stuff they did, and he did show enough that if you wanted you could make your own. Not that there's much of a point to it, but many machines are just for the heck of it.

    FAKE!           D:<

    He has such pretty hair. hahahahaha

    This is awesome. Your a sweetheart for doing this for children!!!

    That's AMAZING!!!!!! 5 STARS!!!!! Why isn't this featured?!??!?!?!?!