Step 1:

Get your cleaning liquid. ( you can purchase this at Claire's)

Step 2:

Get your cotton ball

Step 3:

Put cotton ball in the middle of your two hands and rub back and forth to create a long cotton ball.

Step 4:

Squirt about 4 small squirts of cleaning liquid onto cotton ball

Step 5:

Push out front of earring and squeeze cotton ball, letting cleaning liquid to come out. Make sure to get it on the line attached to the diamond/ earring part.

Step 6:

Now just cleanse around earring

Step 7:

Cleanse around earring on back of ear, too.

Step 8:

Do the same for other ear

Step 9:

Put away cotton balls and cleaning liquid in a place were you can find it again when you need it

Step 10:

Do these steps 3 times a day for 8 weeks and you should be good!
Thanks you for this great advice! To answer your question, seamster, it is based for newly pierced ears. If you haven't worn earrings in a while, and your hole is starting to grow back, put some earrings in and do this tutorial :)
<p>Thanks for sharing this! Is this for newly-pierced ears, or all pierced ears?</p><p>If you add a little description to your intro, it would make this tutorial a little more clear :)</p>
An earring that doesn't dangle from the earlobe is called a stud. The piece of metal behind the jewel (that goes through your ear) is called the post.<br><br>To add to your instructable, this cleaning can be done in the shower while bathing, too!

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