How I Costum My Glasses by Adding a LED





Introduction: How I Costum My Glasses by Adding a LED

In this Instructable I will show you how I add a LED lamp to my glasses.

Step 1: Materiels

1- Super glue.

2- Hotglue.

3- Lighter with a built in LED lamp.

4- Hacksaw or this costum saw/knife cutter I made (instructable for the project from here).

Step 2: Opening the Lighter

1- I Took apart the lighter.

2- I took the plastic piece where the LED lamp was inserted and I cut it in half using the sawblad.

3- I sand the plastic piece with a fill then sandpaper.

Step 3:

1- I measured the bottom of the plastic piece.
2- I cut off a piece of plastic from CD case.

3- I put super glue in the bottom of the red piece

4- I glued the plastic piece from the CD case in place

Step 4:

1- I took the front plastic piece that hold the LED lamp and cut it in half.
2- I put the LED in place to make sure everything works fine.
3- After I removed the LED lamp I paint the pieces with black matt sparycan.

Step 5:

1- I put LED lamp in the case, I put some super glue, then I glued the front piece in place.
2- I put hot glue in the Bottom of the piece.
3- I glued the LED case in the side of my glasses.
I hope you liked this Instructable, thank you.



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nice idea .. you should use hot glue .. to change batteries easily

Yes I will do that, thank you :D