With the new Star Wars film coming out one finds it hard not to see promotional material such as trailers and posters.

As a result of that I saw the image of the of the death trooper or shadow trooper holding a small rag doll of a stormtrooper. This image caught my imagination and I decided I wanted to see if I could make one.

I have not really used clay to sculpt something before so this is a bit of a learning curve for me.

In this instructable I show you how i went about making my little stormtrooper doll.

Step 1: Tools and Materials.


Sculpting tools.



tooth picks and skewer.


Air dry clay.

Acrylic paint.


<p>According to the <em>Rogue One Ultimate Visual Guide</em> his name is Stormy.</p>
How tall is it roughly? And length ways too?
He's about 230mm tall
Haha thanks, looking forward to what my stormtrooper looks like! Plus yours looks cute! ?
sweet build!
Amigo you haven't finished yet, do the Controller &amp; attach Strings to body parts &amp; it will come to life as a Marionette! ?
Very nice! And a great movie!
<p>This is all sorts of fantastic. Well done. I love it! </p>
<p>why thank you. i enjoyed making it. its been sometime since i've made something for instructables and this was a fun one to get back into it with :) </p>

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