How I Organize My Electrolytic Capacitor Collection





Introduction: How I Organize My Electrolytic Capacitor Collection

I have 3 categories that I organize them by voltage:

0-10 VOLTS

11-99 VOLTS

100+ VOLTS

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Step 1: 0-10 VOLTS

Step 2: 11-99 VOLTS

Step 3: 100+ VOLTS



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what devices use caps with higher voltage?

Printers, TV's, Phone Chargers (If they have them they are usually on the input), Computers. Basically most devices that plug in to a wall...

oh but tv picture tubes are deadly so how to discharge its capacitor. thanks in advance

You can search on the internet, but the safest way it to take an insulated screwdriver and short out the negative and the positive wires.

If you find a television or any other electronic device, The capacitors voltage is probably already low if it has been unplugged for a couple minutes, but it isn't worth the risk of getting shocked...

If you're looking for a big capacitor (voltage and capacity) the biggest ones are in CRT Tv's