Step 1: Plan Think Gather

Previous owner color of choice

Step 2: Scrub or Depaint*

A little scrubing so the new paint will stick to them

I didnt really care i aint gona lie on the ground all day and admire my work thats why i didnt remove all the previous colors

Step 3: Adjust Your Spray Gun and Paint Evenly

Painted from the inside
I know maybe next year i'll paint them black and white like the image they look sweet

Step 4:

Painted first hand matte black

Step 5:

Somewhere the paint had run cos i panted at night with decent light
Next day i had to grind some paint and repaint

Step 6: Have a Beer

Finally painted the clear coat to shine and protect ;)
Nice job, but i prefer the white ;) (i have the same car, same color :p)
<p>Looks good mate, noce work</p>
<p>Would be nice to have seen the effect when mounted back on the car?</p>
<p>i will post pic after i mount them was busy so istill havent put them in tires</p>
<p>Of course, I quite understand. Nice job.</p>
nice rims! what car is that?
<p>honda civic ek 1998 1.4</p>
<p>looks great, so what color is the paint, A metal paint, like the spray chrome??</p><p>also, In the photos, It looks like the clear coat really gave it a more reflective shine.. is that true or just in the photo</p><p>last question, as for the beer, Bottel or can?</p>
<p>don`t know my uncle uses it to paint MDF it was matte black thats why i added clear coat, i think its the same used to paint cars.<br>when wet the matte was pretty shiny but not after it dried out, so yes the clear coat is responsible for all the shine.<br>we used bottle but can is ok too.</p>
<p>Great job. Hard work but worth it. You get A +. </p>

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