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Contest Copy removed by OldhaMedia.

My apologies if you are looking for my entry into the Jack Daniels Independence Project Contest. Since my idea didn't make the finals, I hope to pursue it on my own, and removing it from the contest page seems to be the best course of action to protect it.

Thank you Instructables.com and Jack Daniels for your time and consideration. 

Good luck to all the finalists.



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    Hi Bill! The quote marks didn't translate into their html editor. It happens a lot when you type in one application and paste into another. No worries, I understood!


    I don't know what happened to the text of my comment - guess that cut and paste does not always work.

    Excellent Instructable and contest entry, Jolene.

    “It’s the one you have with you!” - so correct! It does no good to have a huge expensive camera if it the size discourages you from carrying it.