I wanted a light tent, to take better photo's of my Instructables, but had no idea how to go about it. That very weekend I found what I didn't know I was looking for. A toy soccer goal (minus the net) frame.Bingo, all my creative juices flowed at once.

An unwanted soccer goal and a white sheet = LIGHT TENT. 

My objective was to make an open fronted fabric tent, and attach it to the inside of the frame.

[Note] The chances of your "frame " being the same are remote so all instructions are for what I (actually) did. The steps are easily adapted to any shape.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies.

A suitable frame. (any cube like shape will work)
White sheet or fabric.
Paper for template. (newspaper will be fine)
Straight Pins.
*  Sewing Machine. (needle and thread)

[Note] See step 9 for more suggestions.

Step 2: Bingo: the Frame As I Found It.

What I bought for my 2$. A pile of plastic pipes and various brackets and joints. I had no clue how it would work but how could any member of Instructables not be interested in these?

[Note]  The purple plastic pieces all click together using the brackets and joints to create the shape.
             At the end, simply un-click and store way.

Step 3: The Brackets

These brackets, corners and joints were what I was really interested in.
What can I make with all this? Iv'e seen these types of brackets at the hardwear store and they were quite expensive.

Step 4: The Completed Frame

Now I know what it is, it's a Soccer or Football Goal (without the net) . It was fun putting it together without any plans but I made it.

[Note]  Be on the lookout for any cube or box-like frame. A garage/yard sale or charity shop would be a good start.

Step 5: Templates or Pattern

I measured the top and wrote down the measurements. I then measured the back and the sides. I then drew the shape (measurements) of each on a large piece of paper to make my templates. (Newspaper would be fine)

I then pinned each template onto the fabric.

Step 6: Cut Fabric Around Template

I Cut around the pinned template, without a seam allowance.
(A seam allowance is an extra 1/2 inch of fabric when cutting to allow for sewing a seam).

[Note]  Because the light tent hangs on the inside of the frame it should be slightly smaller than the frame itself. 

Thank You:  wdrwilson and his Super Simple Light Tent . He said that he "should" have built his on the inside,
             so-as not to show the frame, when you take pictures. Excellent advice.

Step 7: Fabric Tubes

I sewed a long fabric tube out of the same white fabric. Then I measured and cut the fabric tubes to match the fabric panels I had previously cut out. (Step 6)

[Note]   If your frame has brackets, as mine does. Cut the fabric tubes slightly smaller than the panels to allow for the insertion and
removal of the pieces.

Step 8: Tryout and Successful Completion.

I pinned the fabric tubes and panels together then inserted the plastic frame (pipes), to make sure it was okay. [ I allowed a bit of space to accomodate my brackets etc.]

I sewed the pieces together to complete the Cube-like shape.
Then I added the fabric tubes, inserted the purple plastic pipes into the fabric tubes and my light tent was done.  [ see Intro image ]

Step 9: Other Methods of Attachment

Choose one of these (or think of other) methods of attaching your white fabric cube to the frame.

Strips of Fabric, Ribbon, Velcro or  Wide Elastic. Attach your chosen method to the fabric panels where I had sewn my tubes.

[Note]   I didn't think of this till I was nearly finished so I kept with my 1st. idea on to completion.
             If I had thought before, I would have gone for one of these.

Step 10: Space Saving Storage.

The dismantled frame plus the tent fit very neatly into a small bag. When I need my light tent I simply put it together and off I go.

[Note]  Now I have to learn how to make better Instructable pictures using my very own Light Tent.

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