This is a step by step guide to replace the tediously long slide show that frankly did not do any justice to the trike build.

I first discovered the world of drift trikes about 6-8 months ago on You-tube and became instantly hooked and decided that I had to build one of these big crazy tricycles to have some fun on the many hills in the South Down of Northern Ireland area where I live.

I used to ride mountain bikes on these hills but past injuries have left me unable to grind the hills the way I used to,  this is something I have missed over the last few years  but  now that I have a drift trike I can once more enjoy the numerous hills in my area.

One of my friends lives at the to of this 2.5 mile long hill, this is why I had to build the trike, once I get well enough practiced I will ride this hill and upload a video.

The project started on the 18 of September and was finished on the 24th of December Lemmy Kilmister's birthday, is was going to have the Lemmy - Hawkwind - Motorhead theme but finishing the project on his birthday was an added bonus.  There has a time when if I had all these material ready I could have done this project in a couple of days, I had planned this to be an over winter project and was surprised that i managed to get I completed much faster than i had planned.  The trike will not see much action until spring has returned and the days are longer, warmer and drier and I get the road safety side of things organised.

Thanks for looking.

Step 1: Disclaimer.


This is only a general guide as to how i built my trike, I will not be responsible for anyone who decides to build a trike of their own, anyone building or riding a drift trike should take personal accountability for their own actions

Anyone even thinking of building or riding a drift trike should be aware of the numerous dangers involved.

If you build a drift trike build it strong to minimize the risk of failures that result in injury.

Drift trikes fall into the same category as bicycles and therefore require brakes and reflectors and also lights if you intend to ride at night.

Personal safety equipment should also be worn my all riders,  most drift trike riders wear full face motorcycle helmets, although an cycle helmet will be better than no helmet at all.  

In addition to a helmet knee and elbow pads are recommended along with gloves and wrist guard if you have them.  The more safety equipment you use the less risk of injury you will have if you do end up crashing.

<p>Half a million + views! Who'da thunk it! <br></p><p>Thanks to you all for having a look at this Ible and if it has inspired you to build your own trike please upload a picture of your cobbled together death trap that you take your own personal accountability for riding. After all that's the reason why I did a step by step build for those of us who are ZERO BUDGET builders but who want to join the fun but want to do it as safely as possible. <br><br>However <strong>I DO NOT</strong> under any circumstances endorse any links to commercial websites selling expensive drift trikes and parts that have now started to appear in the comments section, If I had the means to remove them I would have already done so.</p>
<p>Great job, I'm after making a version of this too. I can't wait to get started. Thanks for the info. excellent instructable.</p>
<p>Have Fun with the build and ride safe. I would love to see a pic of your trike when its finished.</p>
For anyone looking at this if you want some up to date information about drift trikes or geometry (if building your own) no offence to author but there is much better information out there now. Google Madazz Trikes
<p>Kind of a shameless plug for Madazz trikes there dont ya think now that this post is creaping towards 470k views, creating an account just to critique my post and plug your web store.... tisk tisk you have not posted any Ibles yet or made any other comments. Yeah I agree with your statement, well somewhat. I built this 3 years ago just as the scene was in its infancy<strong> there is allot more info out there now!</strong>. PS back when I was researching the geometry for my trike I tried to contact a number of groups of drift trikers from New Zealand and what do ya know one of those groups was <strong>Madazz Trikes who totally blanked me</strong>. Sure check out Madazz trikes they sell some great stuff if you can affort it (chunky tube frames with ball cutter gussets, Yikes! the though of riding a ball cutter frame makes the eyes water even thinking of what will happen when you stop suddenly and slide out of the seat plums first onto an exposed unpadded gusset), dont have the skills or dont feel safe building your own and want to buy something, but if you have the skills to build your own trike you will ride something no one else has, build a trike that is yours and take pride in that it was <strong>built not bought!</strong>.</p>
Merely trying to help, which is what I should have done with you but I am sorry I accidentally &quot;blanked' you, this was not my intention. I did not create an account on here I simply logged in with Facebook. I really didn't deserve your negativety toward me. As I tried to be as nice as I could. Building and riding my trikes for as long as I have, no one that I know of has ever hurt themselves on the gussets, if on the rare occasion that you do hit something solid head on then your weight not only goes forward but in and upward arc as well thus easily clearing any danger.
<p>Crikey! I've just checked out your prices $450 NZD plus the unknown cost of shipping That's &pound;218 GBP plus at least another 40-50 for shipping. I built my trike for about &pound;75 GBP 20 quid for the doner, 30 quid for wheels about 5 quid for the steel and about 15 quid for cheap paint and a few new brake parts and ebay bits, the rest was scavenged from friends or recycling sites. 1/3 the cost of your pro spec IV with &quot;ultra safe&quot; the ball cutter frame, but 3 times the fun to build and ride..... Built not Bought baby!, Built not Bought!</p>
<p>Your tip on the green machine was awesome and I built my own big wheel/drift trike. Thanks!!</p>
<p>That thing looks awesome! Did you re-spoke the huffy hub into a full size wheel rim?</p>
I cut the bearing holders off the Huffy and welded them to a beach cruiser fork and then built the hub to a 26 inch rim using a straight pattern, no crossing spokes.
<p>hey there guys i have made one and this is asport that is killer i love it will never hate this even after the age of 100 ill still be drifting i have left some pics of my new project and a video of us in the mall parking lot what a lot of fun this new project of mine with a scooter ill keep all of you posted will start a thread for a step by step</p><p>https://youtu.be/Qyc-O56DR2M</p>
<p>You seem to be missing a third wheel!</p>
I used a Diamond Back Viper XL frame, cut off the top tube, seat post tube, and the two rear tubes. I used the green machine rear assembly and used big hose clamps to attach it to the frame. The rear of the frame i used a axle and hub from a bike wheel and put pegs on them to hold it all together. It is a ton of fun.
<p>Nice job, go with what works for you, but i would have kept the brakes on the forks, I've got a couple of scares that are a permanent reminder of how important the ability of controled stopping is. Have fun and be safe.</p>
<p>here is the video</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Qyc-O56DR2M   " width="500"></iframe></p>
I used a Diamond Back Viper XL frame, cut off the top tube, seat post tube, and the two rear tubes. I used the green machine rear assembly and used big hose clamps to attach it to the frame. The rear of the frame i used a axle and hub from a bike wheel and put pegs on them to hold it all together. It is a ton of fun.
I just cut the ends off of the forks and the ends of the Green Machine bearing holders and shoved those into the forks. The tubing slides inside of BMX forks (or at least the ones i had) snugly. Make sure you're lined up straight, drill 2 holes on each side, and put bolts through it.
<p>Hi there - where did you get your seat? And is it comfortable?</p>
<p>The seat came from a local lawn bowling club that had a lot of them that where no longer used a bit rusty and in need of a scrub, its just a standard plastic stacking chair. Its comfortable enough for the job, the seats only purpose is to stop you falling out in the corners.</p>
I was wondering how tall you are and how much you weigh and how standard are these dimensions are. As in if they are pretty universal for most people?
I asked other builders about dimensions, seems to be a 1 to 1.1 ratio on the width of the axle from the outside of the tires and the distance of the wheelbase, also depends on where the seat is, I built mine wide and long to be more stable because I've already had enough accidents that ended in injury's. Your trike will be unique to you but will generally be OK for most other people too
Great job! The wheel disc paint scheme just gave me an idea for my kayak paint job next season! Have fun and be safe!
Thanks, check for Craig Fraser videos on You-tube for more ideas and tips, you can make some really complicated looking effect very easily if you know how.
Great instructions!!! I'm gonna try it out and have some fun!
Thanks, build it safe and build it strong, and have lots of fun.
do you have any ideas for a cheap/free rear axle that would work for hand truck tires?
I strongly advise you not to go down the cheap route, spend some money on go kart wheels it will be worth it in the long run, hand truck wheel work but he bearing will give out in no time, they just are not designed to take the speed and force that drift trikes dish out, you will spend more time and money fixing cheap wheels and also risk failure mid run so it's just not worth the risk, check out eBay for used go cart wheels, don't go bid crazy watch a few and see what they are making as i could have got mine about 30% cheaper if i had held out a few days longer, &nbsp;kart racers seem to buy&nbsp;complete&nbsp;new wheels when the tires are done and ebay is full of used kart wheels. hand tuck wheels sound cheap, but they are not made to go at 50-60kmph sideways and you will need new bearings or upgraded bearings maybe an axle&nbsp;rebuild&nbsp; which just ends up being more expencive and leave your trike out of action for each new repair, so save up and do i right and you will have no future worries about your wheels other than maybe someday replacing the stock bearings which will be quite cheap anyways.<br> <br> For the axle and frame use mild steel tube or box section its as cheap as chips, go to a steel fabricator and ask nicely is you could buy some, tell them what you are building and&nbsp;generally&nbsp;they will help you if you don't make a&nbsp;nuisance at a busy time,&nbsp; all my tubes came out of the cutting racks and they are happy to sell these shorter pieces off, my axle cost about &pound;2.00 and I think the rest of the frame was about &pound;3.00, i also got other small pieces from the scrap bins for free. &nbsp;if you have you frame design drawn out make a cutting list and ask the guys to cut the pieces to size for you and cut perfect angles, box section would be an easier build, if i build again i will use box as it make welding much easier.<br> <br> you could weld high tensile bolts or bar directly to the box or tube, all depends of the bearing diamiter of your wheel, I got odd sized bearings in my wheels and I lucky I had a lathe, i would have used solid bar and use split pins if i had no lathe.<br> <br> Check the dozens of face book pages of drift trikes for ideas, that's what I did, some are wacky and very unsafe looking others are works of art and engineering masterpieces, &nbsp;Orangebones &nbsp;drift trikes is a great facebook page with lots of useful ideas.<br> <br> The best advice i can give you is build strong and buy a good set of wheels as they will be safe and last you a long time and still have a resale value if you give up triking (like that will happen once you start)<br> <br> <br>

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