Step 6: Conclusion

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In future designs, I'll definitely be adding a battery so that you can charge your devices at a more convenient time. I'd also like to make a more portable version of this charger. With all of the new solar technology, flexible panels are bound to cheapen up sometime!

If you have any questions, please leave them in a comment.


jscript2 years ago
What happens if the regulator gets too hot and burst? Will the iPhone get 20V? That is a dangerous voltage for a smartphone, right?
punith4202 years ago
dude you get a solar charger in e bay for Indian rupees 800 tat will be 20 dollars
mrmerino3 years ago
I wonder if you could transform the output down to 5 volts, and then you could connect like four devices in parallel.
monkyDJ3 years ago
I hope this works man, because I doing this for a project and I need to get a good mark!!! lolz
krimb15 years ago
 What a great guide! Really sturdy, and the built-in blocking diode is really awesome.

One question though: this setup won't trickle charge the iPhone after it's fully charged, right?
mediaburn5 years ago
So what type of charge times are you getting with this set up?
p0g0685 years ago
thank you ! nice and clear cant wait for the upgrade to using a battery!
Asmodeo5 years ago
Nice instructable!
I was thinking about something like this to recharge my cellular phone....
The regulator goes "hot" because the formula to calculate the disipated power is:

P=(Vin - Vout) / Iout
In your circuit:
P = (20v - 5v) / 0.5A = 15v / 0.5A = 30Watts!!!

Go get a heathsink for your poor regulator!

You possibly could use a 12V solar panel, with 0.5 Amperes output current, and the dissipated power would be

( 12v - 5v ) / 0.5A = 14W ...still in need of a heathsink...

I don't know if there are 9v solar panels.....

Sorry, I forgot to mention that it has several different settings for different voltages. They are as follows, 3, 6, 9, 12 volt configurations. I got it just to tinker with, works pretty well for my purpose and curiousity.
Hello Asmodeo, just a quick little blurp about you wondering if there were any 9 volt solar panels out there. Harbour Freight sells a neat little solar charger with battery power as well for around $12, not bad.