Step 8: Finished bike

Picture of Finished bike
This is the finished bike with my homemade carbon frame.
Thernde5 years ago
Does anyone know where I could buy raw carbon fiber online? Or if I could build this same project out of fiberglass? And, If so would the layers be the same?
Fibre Glast Development Corporation (Fibreglast.com) also has a wide variety of carbon, kevlar, fiberglass, resin, tools, etc.  The have an online project calculator, and are pretty good about advice as well.
beepme6 years ago
Very nice article. There is no mention of how, exactly, the aluminum components (BB, head tube, seat tube, dropouts) are bonded to the CF frame. The photo of these components set up in the jig appears to show the foam tubes simply butted up against them. The description of applying CF to the foam never mentions the aluminum parts. How exactly are these aluminum components incorporated into the frame?
shveet beepme5 years ago
actually if you look at the image on step 11, you can tell the BB and the rest are CF, so, my guess is that he used either the same or similar parts (steel/ CF) and just added the CF on top of the entire setup to give the illusion that that bike is all one piece, so mainly your just learning on how to build the shafts of the bike. That's my guess tho. ~shveet
Yeah, I'm curious about that too!
Eteroxee6 years ago
Wowowowow! Really! Beautiful! Just one question: did You measured the weight of the frame alone? But I'm curious about the weight of the full bike, too! Thanks!
Wow! A+++++++++++++++++++
HOMEsplice7 years ago
Wow, great job! I am inspired and I am seriously considering doing this. How did you get your logo on the side. Is it a silk screen or just ordinary paint?
franalpo7 years ago
ljacts7 years ago
Wow is all I can say. I didn't know that this was possible. Carbon is kind of a black box for me. I don't know that I'll be doing it anytime soon, but its good to know that I could.
Brennn107 years ago
Damn, that looks beautiful!