Step 7:

here is a pic of the frame section i built. it has the "z" shape easily visable. I also want you to see that where it meets the original frame work it slips over and sockets into the old stuff both at the rear and at the start of the angled piece where the outer frame supports slip over the new work. since my math skills are lacking i just kept grinding the pieces until the angles were correct. this was a pain as the angled piece in the pic is a compound angle. it rises up and inward to meet the crossmember see the next step and compare to this one.
<p>i am nice</p>
I love to see the serious fabrication on this site, what really interests me is how you used pvc and a heat gun to find out how you needed your tube bent, do you have any more info or tips for doing this?
well, i don't have a pipe bender. so i bought some pvc pipe of the same diameter as the finished steel cage was to be, heated it with the heat gun, which is a hair dryer on steroids, and molded the pipe into the shape i needed the pieces to be. if you hold the plastic pipe in place, when it cools you now have a pattern for the steel benders to make the bent tubing to match. if you make it well then the pieces will fall into place and you can weld up the frame or cage or whatever you needed.<br> this way you have control of the shape of the finished product and you don't have to pay someone else to &quot;interpret&quot; what you need made, which never works out well unless you have big bucks to pay really good professionals.<br><br>wear gloves while bending heated plastic<br>be careful to make bends without crimping the plastic, <br>find out what is the smallest diameter bend, in my case a six inch bend, any tighter would not fit into the bender shoe<br>take into account clearances for every thing around the pipes.
I enjoyed looking thru this project, it is a lot like stuff I would like to do on another car, my Spitfire, and I would like to put together a space frame VW powered car.<br><br>I have welding skills, and some very basic desk top machining skills, no access to CADCAM, no TIG welder, only a light sheet brake.<br><br>Anyway, so discussion and information on the tools, techniques, materials, junk yard parts, repro parts, is all interesting to me.<br><br>I would look forward to your further work and projects like this one.
check out the space frame at the sterling kit car website. it should be up your alley
that is a strange looking car... <br>what make is it and what year? i have never seen one like that before... <br>good luck with finishing this project though! its looking great and i hope you can finish it!
Truly an awesome instructable! some of your techniques are &quot;a little off the wall&quot;, but that's all part of the purpose of this site. Learning from others, and sharing information! Thinking outside the box has gotten you way past where I would have given up, and I've been hot-rodding since 1961. Your father was a wise man, and you've learned well from him! Keep up the great work!
Sweet buildup!&nbsp; I&nbsp;am looking to do the same thing with my wifes met but can't find the right springs.&nbsp; What springs / coil overs did you use and how does the car ride?&nbsp; The stock spring rate on the met is 95-108 lbs, I&nbsp;haven't found a spring less than 350 which would be very stiff.
i haven't chosen my springs yet - and neither should you until the ENTIRE car is built, painted and reassembled and weighed. having said that- both the Summit and Speedway catalogs list springs down to 90 lbs- they are used on 3/4 midgets!<br />
Great instructable!&nbsp; I'm working on a '67 Morris Minor, which has a lot of the same size limitations.&nbsp; I've been in tear-down mode, and trying to decide on what chassis/suspension upgrades, and not to mention powerplant options.&nbsp; The old BMC A-series engine just isn't going to do it for me.&nbsp; How difficult was it to marry the Pinto transmission to the Focus engine?&nbsp; I have access to many different options, but the Focus engine sounds like it could be just the thing.&nbsp; Also, what are you using for a rear-end?<br />
The focus twin cam is an evolution of the pinto engine-they bolt right up! as do the Cosworth engines. i did have to stack two flexplate spacers for the starter to engage properly.&nbsp; i went and got an 8 inch ford from a pinto wagon and had it cut down and resplined-it had 3.08 limited slip and was in good shape so it went back together without further work, cost was low and you won't break it. some people will say to use a nine inch ford but that is overkill and would actually be slower.<br />
Thanks for the tip.&nbsp; I thought that a 9-inch might be too much.&nbsp; After all, we're not talking big horsepower.&nbsp; Just trying to make a car with a 0-60 time measured in days to something a bit more fun to drive.&nbsp; I can't wait to see it done.<br />
What an absolute waste of a valuable classic car.
It's surprising how &quot;valuable&quot; these classic cars can be.<br />
ouch, that hurts. why aren't you happy that this one didn't just go to the crusher so it could be recycled into a Kia?
Kias suck tho
Dude he is doing the car justice !
man if you are making a hot rod you need a hot rod motor you know a 454 big block. or better yet the 427 big block lol, if you wanted a ford motor you could go with the ford 460
For a car that originally had only 55hp, I'd say bumping it up to 170hp is Hot Rodding it! We are also talking about a car that only weighs 1500lbs, and is not meant for the drag races. I wanted to make a car that is not ridiculous, like other Mets I have seen with big block Chevys in them. This is to be my wife's every day driver.<br /> I have a few other thoughts on that idea-what does a big block weigh? answer=too much. how wide is a big block? answer=the headers would be outside the tires. how could the chassis work? the rear tires would need to be steamrollers or they would simply spin, the weight over such a narrow and short car would make the handling horrible, the shifter would be BEHIND&nbsp;the seat and the wife would never drive a car that loud, finicky, gas guzzling, hot, and full of testosterone. Hot Rodding does not mean getting the fastest, most powerful engine you can into a vehicle, or else only jet cars are hot rods. my wife called the Hemi Met we saw &quot;a penis extension&quot; so in the end i ask this question-Is bigger really always better?<br />
didnt mean to make you mad man i was just sayin, and stuff like that is just fun. me and my dad put a 400 horse 327 in late 50's early 60's&nbsp;willy's flat fender CJ-3 &nbsp;jeep that came with a factory flat head 4. and if you get the gearing right you get great gas milage, the&nbsp;jeep gets better gas milage than&nbsp;suburban and our truck. and i drive the thing&nbsp;to work every day.&nbsp;a little bit of work and you can make anything fit and function
sorry, i did not mean to be angry. maybe&nbsp; you caught me at a point where i was at a low. many people have been raggin on me for not doing a v8 in it. i guess i don't understand them and they don't get me.good on you for the Jeep though. v8=torque and that's what they need.I&nbsp;need to be able to throw the keys at anyone and say &quot;drive it like you stole it&quot;&nbsp;
its all good. and the&nbsp;v8 is all i have ever worked on and owned so its what i know v8's and low gears&nbsp; lol &nbsp;&nbsp;
I was wondering what the rack &amp; pinion was out of
manual rack and pinion from a Pinto, narrowed by Fatman to the required width. so. in other words, I bought it. rebuilt and all. steering effort is easy. i was worried there would be too much but it was not a problem with the 14 inch wheel i bought<br />
O.K. o.k. i'll work on some updates, i've got the body on it's side now so i can sandblast, final weld and grind, etc so maybe i can get some better pics, i'll also do something on the motor mounts, the steering column and linkages, maybe the brake master. any other wants out there?
here you go. i hope this satisfies
That's a pretty cool little hot rod. Looks like it will be dangerous without a roll cage, though.
....read the manual.>>> Chicks dig scars
Dangerous in what way? it will handle and stop better than the original car
That Nash is going to fly! Why not use modern technology to give an old car new wings?
Sweet Car! A Turbo Ford out of an SVO Mustang or a T-Bird Supercoupe would be the very thing for this car. 300hp is very doable. It would suck to be driving a corvette and get spanked by a Nash!
I had considered the turbo pinto motor but decided against a 20 year old powerplant that needs constant maintenance. this car will have 170 hp and be driveable by anyone plus if something goes wrong it will be diagnosable by any Ford dealer because the powertrain is bone stock.

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