This longboard has been the jewel of my creations for the past year and although the process to construct one has been detailed, I wanted to show my thought process behind making this memorable board. This board has never left my side since I created it resulting in people only recognizing me with my board in tote, hearing the occasional camera click, and being called Sasquatch. Unmistakably though my favorite result from this build is to watch people, kids and adults alike, take one look and smile at the zaniness that is my Foot. It has also provided a great icebreaker when someone sees it and wants to know more or when an older gentleman begins to reminisce about stealing his sisters roller blade wheels to nail onto a 2X4. Its all part of the enjoyment of designing and making you're own board.

Finally, I would like to thank TeacherofTheWays for the detailed instructable on how to get started.
and the city of Louisville, Kentucky for making it worth my while.

Step 1: The Design

The design began to come to fruition once I recognized that a board did not have to be symmetrical. Since I was building this for myself, I knew what it as going to be used for and the asymmetrical design was not going to get in the way. I mainly built this for transportation, I wanted something faster than walking but more transportable than a bike (you will see how transportation became the theme of this board).

Since I knew nothing about long boards at the beginning of this, I did a whole bunch of research and consolidated what I thought  I needed in my little black book (a.k.a. what do on the weekends). I referenced guides on here as well as the forums of SilverFish Longboarding (http://www.silverfishlongboarding.com/) until I felt comfortable enough to buy my materials.

The main thing I was looking for was critical dimensions, what would be too long/short and too wide/thin (my main concern) to be considered safe under a force load. Think of your design but removing all the unnecessary parts so you are just left with a rectangle that receives the majority of the force. I saw that 7" was as narrow as I would venture to go and a large wheel base would offer more road stability; so I had my dimensions but  I still needed my design.

Now I can't tell you what apple had fallen to give me this idea but  my driving concept was to have something recognizable via the silhouette and it resulted in the foot. Being from Kentucky...well yall know how we can be about our shoes, if the weather is nice and the grass is soft, why wear 'em! I'm also left handed and lead with my left foot when riding (regular stance) so that's why the left foot was chosen in particular.
You can see my other designs I had during the process and I'll post more of my pages of ideas I had afterwards. 

Hey Man U should put a video of this on like you tube that is awesome and I'm from western ky 2 hours west of Louisville
This is fantastic! <br /> <br />And hooray for Louisville - I knew exactly where you were when I saw the last step. I moved from there a couple years ago, and I miss it so badly!
We miss you too! It's a great city to be and the build/hacker community is growing strong especially with our own hackerspace : <br>http://www.lvl1.org/

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