This is not a full detail tutorial, but I wanted to show you how I fix my Xbox 360. When I got the E74 for the first time I tried to find tutorial how to fix it and what it was. First , it's a overheat from the graphic card. Normal when you see the heat sink they put on it. Anyway I try so many modification, Like add 2 fan close to the heat sink, change the thermal past, add little disk under mother board, heat motherboard with a heat gun, etc...But every time it works only for 2 week and bang , come back again. So I decided to do that big modification, I know that suck, because It's look like a space craft..but I don't have to buy a new one and that still working after 10 month.

Sorry for the writing I am franco :-)

Step 1: The Heat Sink

This is what I put on the GPU (Graphic processor unit) It's a mega big heat sink than I take from a Dell computer. I am pretty sure you don't have to put one that big to fix it, but I take no chance and I use the bigger than I have. I also add a fan on it witch is again not really necessary because this heat sink always stay cold but it's already done so I left it there. So I take the 12 Volt for the fan on the motherboard. I you want to do that just google : 12 volt on motherboard xbox 360 and you will find it. Just verify witch model of mother board you have.    
Have u tryed something like changing heatsinks adding more heatsinks and changing fans? thats what i did and it works great now
Sounds goog. Why dont you show it? May help too many. So me too.
wow. it does make it look huge, BUT as you say, it runs well so as far as im concerned, well done :)
or, you know, you could get an intercooler. just a thought.
I bought another one with the same problem but this time I change the voltage on the fan for 12 volt..instead of 5 Volt ......more noise from the fan but still working....

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