Introduction: How I Fixed My Wireless Adapter

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My Belkin FD6050 started failing for no apparent reason. After changing drivers in Linux and Windows I found out it was a faulty cable very near it's connector. The only way to fix it was changint the entire cable with something else. Something like USB A to A extension cord.

Step 1: Diagnosing the Problem

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I had to find the problem with my wireless adapter. It was about 5cm (2 inch) away from connector in a form of torn cable. As you can see the black wire was torn out of the plastic molded connector.

Step 2: Tools

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This were my tools for today. I think it's more or less all self-explanatory except for the tape. It's a tape to insulate cables. Better alternative would be heat-shrinking tubes but I didn't have any at hand so I improvised.

Step 3: Cut!

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I needed to get the cable ready. I needed to cut it, uncover their insulation and apply some solider to the cable.

Step 4: Prepare Wireless Adapter

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By this time I had to prepare my old connector for the new cable. First thing I noticed was they 'used same colors. Actually looking into USB specs reveals color-scheme that confirms that.

Step 5: Test of the Idea

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I carefully assembled the cables together (I used same wire colors) and put the adapter to the test. It worked!

Step 6: Finish

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All I had to do now was to insulate each wire with the tape and close up the whole thing. To prevent the new cable being pulled out I did a gentle knot inside the adapter. The adapter now works flawless ever since, no more unexpected interrupts and kernel panicks.


JakeTobak (author)2006-11-15

Did you not solder those wires? Also, you may want to try some heat-shrink tubes for the wires. The reason I like to use heat-shrink tubing more than anything else is that it's very fun to use, except when you solder a wire together and realize that you haven't put the tubing on yet and have to cut and solder the cable again.

necromncr (author)JakeTobak2006-11-16

I didn't have any nearby and my gf really needed the wireless connection for her notebook. Otherwise I'd do it, it's far more elegant way to do it.

Fake_Name (author)2006-11-16

The thing that insulates wires is called insulation, not isolation...

necromncr (author)Fake_Name2006-11-16

Fixed, thanks!

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