The Outer Space Ultralight Rocking Chair powered by it's patented Photo-voltaic Crystal Chip. The following slides contain a list of some of the materials used to create the OSULRC-1 . If you just want to watch a rocking chair fly, the first three minutes on Amazon are free: original movie "Elliot's War".

Step 1: Camera Rigging

Middle right image is a home made (this entire project was home made, literally) camera rig designed to allow the camera to travel smoothly up and around the OSULRC-1. The rigging is made from 2x4 joist bracket and some wood. The long 2x4 was lightly sanded and wiped with beeswax to make the surface smooth to slide the camera rig across. Space was cramped in a two car garage with a three sided green screen made from door skin and held in place by 2x4 and 4x4. In general the prop was too close to the green screen, casting shadows and causing artifacts in the video, however with careful lighting I avoided most of that.

<p>I love the randomness of this!</p>

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