Step 2: Add a Jet Engine, Engine Compartment and on Board Computer


1) A spare Boston rocker. One which the dog chewed the legs will do

2) An electric scooter that your son/daughter has out grown

3) A skate board, re-use the wheels

4) The guts to a 1920 Strober Player piano that you were going to restore, but sold the piano without

5) Switches, motors, connectors, wire, lights, batteries, stereo, speakers, commander keen software, keyboard, custom cigarette lighters for engines

6) Electronics and computer parts that you've been saving for ten years (motherboards, memory chips, gameboy, palm pilot, expansion cards...)

7) Door skin (some call it "luan"), 2x4 and 4x4, green paint for the green screen and camera rigging

8) Shop tools, worms, fog machine

9) Screen writing course, original music and imagination

<p>I love the randomness of this!</p>

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